Saturday, 22 November 2008


Well, bit of a mixed bag of blog stuff, in no particular order.....

This has still got to be my favourite toy of all time, ever, its Selavy's "Nested Cubes" and Sporadic and I spent time there, messing about.....lots of fun.... its at Avendale. Didn't have Wizzy's stamina, she demolished the whole thing....:))

I went to the LALALA Gallery, just to check the place out cos i am going to hold a show there in january, and couldn't resist this photo, an installation by the talented Bryn Oh..... who, it seems is pretty busy at the moment, getting good blog coverage, and very deserved it is too.

If I look confused.....well...its being in that situation...lolol.... staring into a pram..... eeekk!!

And last but not least... Dorney Vaher.... a new friend for me, and aspiring building student of mine.... she is a real ray of sunshine, and a gem. Congratulations to her ..shes engaged to the lovely Dani...!!

Here pictured at Selavy's latest build, relaxing on the wall.
Yes, on the wall.

Otherwise...well, I went to a depressingly boring meeting of architects at Orange, the discussion was about architecture, obviously I guess, but the depressing thing was their determination to make SL as "real" as possible.... Michael Linden (Public Works) was there, seemingly reassuring us that the Lindens were not going to fill the place with THEIR content.

Hmmmm, I think I was the only person there to question the validity of calling road-building an improvement. Petrol heads and planners in perfect symbiosis win again... lol

But not on my beach....:)))))


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