Sunday, 9 November 2008


Now spare a thought for the moggies... ..."moggie" is an endearing term English people use for cats of dubious pedigree, the flotsam and jetsam in the great pool of genes...

The moggies have had a bad time with this Financial Crisis. Old people, and people with too much money have, over the years, given money to the moggies via the Cats Protection League.... ... and there is no doubt that this is a wonderful thing to do with the family inheritance, however....

The Moggie Money multiplied with careful stewardship to a massive £12,000,000. They stashed the cash in a bank in Iceland........ you know where this tale of woe is going, now.....

Millions of cans of cat food on ice.

Since the collapse of the banking system of Iceland these well-heeled pussies are now paupers. No more luxury casino nights out....nor more Porche...:((

The cats, I have heard, have no intention of taking this lying down tho... and bankers in general are being targeted by organised cat rings who have vowed to fill their flower borders with waste product..... you know which waste product we are talking about here..... its a revenge of the moggies by terrorist cat cells ...... so bankers will suffer.

Merchant bankers ( a piece of cockney rhyming slang) having totally cocked up the worlds financial system have been given my personal money to go try again. The same people will be doing the same things, but, this tiime I am paying. Hey guys, this one is on me...:))

Cats....go get em !!!


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