Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Misuse of the term misuse.

Well, of course I have to mention the U-turn, LL has agreed to moderate the price rises on Openspaces, announcement here

The thing that is a bit annoying tho, is that they are still blaming residents. As far as I have understood, and I am but a blue haired bimbo, THEY are totally to blame. the idea to create Openspaces worked well, all the time they were connected, i.e. 4 owner.... any lag created in one sim could be moderated by the owner, using a low load in the other 3 sims.

Then, to make matters worse, it seems, as they sold em off individually.... the 4 sims were not even being serviced by the same server....due to some 'localisation" practice. It ended up, and still happens that the 4 sims are on 4 different servers...LOL
The (previously) seemless transition over sim boundries became a thing of the past, ships sunk, people drowned.....etc.... shoes ended up where somethings should never end up, especially shoes...

OK, so they cocked up. BUT the irritating thing is that they blame residents for misuse. No guidance was previously given for the term "Light Use", so no misuse occurred.

LL are guilty of a lack of clarity here .

LL are guilty of gross stupidity too. They currently have thousands of talented content creators who are not working free, but PAYING LL to upload content........ lol......

Content is the only reason SL will survive LL.. duh!!

:)) Having dummies in charge is no big deal I guess, we are all used to it by now.

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