Saturday, 29 November 2008

OpenLife Grid,

Went to Open Life today, again, and continued my uploading, have now got the majority of my tex and sculptie maps uploaded, so now its just a question of waiting for the grid to be sculptie friendly....

I noticed lots more freebies on offer, loads of hair and clothes, skins and shapes, especially, but, of course, i still walk like a duck even tho there are some anims, they don't work very well. Ajax (region name) seems to be quite stable and tho I crashed once, that was in one of the sand boxes.

Now those of you with PC's and Mac(intel) may not have any problems with the sculptie thing, because you can download the OL viewer, but for me and Linux friends we should try to go in on the current LL viewer.......not quite certain how yet, but will tell you when I've cracked it...:))

Happy thanksgiving to all my US friends....have a great wekend, and dont eat too'll only curse yourself on tuesday...:)))))


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