Sunday, 23 November 2008

All quiet on the western front... 2

One of those quiet weekends, where nothing much happens apart from recovering from the previous week enough to hit it again.

I have been building some new stuff, the blender whirring, with some success....and still more to do on others. I will be doing a show at Lalala, and am getting some new stuff together for that.

Went to NMC at Sporadic's suggestion....they have some good sculpture there, outside, its worth a visit.

Sporadic Flow has been around, doing good things, and occasionally being recognised. He was away for a while. Hmmm, must get a snap..

NPIRL post by Alpha Auer is pretty interesting.... the creativity, a thing I have often remarked on, of a good number of very talented people in SL will be noticed more and more as the divorce cases and sex scandals of SL become less interesting to the press.

Botgirls blog is great on that topic. "sex sells and your coverage smells." ....:)))

love it


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