Monday, 3 November 2008

US election fatigue

Now, I know it is supposed to be interesting, but.....
This election has been going on forever, and thank all the stars that someone is going to put and end to it.
Its been even more boring for those of us who live in one of the colonies in Europe, than for you poor Citizens.
God, I bet you know what colour their underpants are by now, (no stone being left unturned by the investigative journalist nowadays).

Now, there is a common illusion, a trick, played by all candidates, in all countries, all over the world.
The trick is to make you believe that your lives will be materially altered by them getting their hands on Power.
Like a boastful lover their performance seldom lives up to expectations. Unlike a lover they are usually not the ones who have the Power, but are figureheads.

Cynical? or realistic?

Its only human to hope for the best, especially after the worst...... but if the UK is anything to go by...... hear our tale of woe....

I was in Hong Kong when the hard years of Mrs Thatcher came to their end and the shining light of Tony Blair blessed the little up-turned faces of expectant TV viewers across the country. People came back to HK from England telling me of the lease of life Tony would give us all.

But Tony was not what he seemed..... he was a Thatcherite in red tie. He was more of a fascist than Mrs T. ( a tradition, now, that Mr B has happily continued, e.g. taxing the poor and locking up people forever without trial).

Sooo....... dear American friends, the money has the Power, and either candidate will work for Them. This is not a bitter, or pessimistic view of Democracy, just the way things are......... strangely similar to SL.

so dance dear friends who ever wins, even if its taxed....


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