Saturday, 1 November 2008

Tuna Oddfellow

Well, many thanks again to the party king, Tuna Oddfellow..... if all his parties were at this time of day I would be there more often, but a time zone or two separates us...

greatest quote of the day.... " An unblown mind is a wonderful thing to waste " ..... nice one Tuna....:))))

Much in evidence as you see from the photos was the staggering work by, surely one of our greatest builders... Mad Cow.

But generally, there were more genius per square meter than I have seen for a long while....

Thomtrace Otoole just blew me away with his last toon.... I was zoned all evening from it, and am still smiling 12 hours later...
It was a blast from the past, excuse dodgy cliche.

great Halloween... then.... I went off to see another genius, Selavy Oh, and her amazing piece..... shown below

Ahhhh, what can I say that I havent said before.... hmmm... visionary, brilliant, well, this aint the TV ...thats enough superlatives for one person...:)))


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