Monday, 25 October 2010


Well, not every party is perfect, thats true....and there was a slight flaw on Sunday at the opening of Rainbow Country in Inworldz, my sim/shop....namely... the floor was soft and my guests fell 254 meters to the sea bed.... on several occasions.

Now, this would normally kill any party stone dead, a pile of submarine can't stop an InWorldzer that easily...

I laid down 7 layers of plywood, and when that didnt work someone got out the Mediation cushions and we stood on those, well, those of us that hadn't devised their own particular plan...

See, most Inworldzers are builders, and the rest have a good sense of we managed well...

Now, some people had come over especially for my party, never having been on the grid before....and others who have only been in a few times before made a date with me and NOX tooons..... it was very heartening, I hadn't expected to see so many... (these are not all, but most of the party goers...) or two were burning temples or had probs getting in, but the place was hopping for a couple of hours.

Now, (and this is surely the point of a house warming) people know the way (LM) and will pop in to see me whenever they feel like it.

I had been visited by some of the Elf clan earlier in the day and they bought some trees to brighten up their elven forests... so business boomed on my first day..

....all in all....v cool...



  1. ty a lot for a great party! Nice pics =) and actually we had loads of fun hanging in your mushrooms and falling down to your awesome water lilys down under :))

    Yes inWorlderz are patient and have a special sense of humour thats why I like it so much here =)


  2. Great time, as always :)

    (psst... next dance floor: less X and Y; more Z)

  3. Fun fun in a new land :)

    Lalo: moar Z, doats and doh! Z doats?