Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Emerald Death or Murder............?

Now, everyone loves a conspiracy theory...... so here goes...

Watching Poirot, rather than a reality show with Stupid People, has shown me that after a murder the person with the motive is the person who did it......even if it looks like suicide...

So... let’s look at the facts my little garlic eating friends...

1) ”Don't waste everyones time suggesting that we throw away Viewer 2, or that we revert the UI to Viewer 1. It is absolutely not going to happen, and any suggestion to that effect will be ignored.” [Oz Linden.]. 

2) Dusan Writer had the view that a lot of new stuff planned for SL is dependent on the adoption of viewer 2.0, in an earlier post he says..
“Because the new Viewer was the spring board for a whole bunch of other things:
-The integration of Web-based content into the world, through Grid-wide access to Second Life Shared Media

- The integration of Second Life with more open systems for things like groups and identity. The side panel on the new viewer would allow both context-specific help and search and the pulling in of Web-based content and was clearly a precursor to ways in which they might handle social connections, groups and, ugh, search
- A widgetized viewer: M often talked about how eventually the viewer could open up something like an iPhone marketplace. Imagine being able to choose what widgets you want to have in your viewer. No more HUDs, with the ability to “run” things in-world with plug-and-play tools embedded directly into the viewer, downloaded from an extended Second Life Marketplace.

- Increased numbers of users attracted to Second Life because of an improved usability experience.

- With the above in place, a new content ecosystem and the launch of mesh imports. With content creators now able to import mesh, create widgets for the viewer, and maximize use of Shared Media, there would be a whole new range of content that could be created and sold.

- And finally, with the new ecosystem, and the ‘pushing’ of some of the content to the Web (the Marketplace, group and event notice systems, etc.) you’d be able to push THAT content out to the wider Web."

3).... tonight we hear...”Those final two requirements that were given to us by LL, was to have a release out by Friday September the 3rd that would not support emkdu or llkdu even if one of the files was present, and that Lonely Bluebird, Skills Hak and Discrete Dreamscape be removed from the project. The alternative was that LL would block the viewer from access to the SecondLife Grid." ...from Jessica Lyons let’s assume that the Boys are not a bunch of blithering idiots, but shrewd entrepreneurs. Maeve Eiren reminded me a while back that entrepreneurs are like silent and stealthy predators, not risk-takers like people assume, and, seeing how many Dot.Com whizz kids have come and gone, the Boys were pretty good at what they do, having survived for so long.

...If 50% of the SL regulars are/were on Emerald, then Emerald could be a thorn in the side for the Boys... and eerie music...) did they do the dirty by turning a development team into Us and Them by demanding half of em should get the sack??

Divide and conquer...oldest play in the game...

Will the Boys be drinking champagne tonight? I can't see them crying into their beer (excuse me for mixing my drinks metaphors...)

...probably not guilty.......but a bit of fun, well, not for the deceased...



  1. The Emerald Device has been Modified.
    Your identity specimen has been processed.
    Thank you for participating in this Modular Systems computer aided enrichment activity.

    "This isn't brave, it's Murder.
    What did I ever do do you?"

    Besides privacy violations, covering that up, and a two-week long DDOS? Okay, look. We've both said a lot of things that you're going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us.
    For science.
    You Monster.
    ModSys GLaDDOS

  2. "While making this demand, Linden Lab was quite aware that this was effectively the guillotine to the project."...recent words from Jessica.

  3. What's that word that's missing?..........
    Oh yes, transparency.
    Transparency on everyones part.
    Hey Lindens! Pssst...YOU open sourced the viewer, remember?

  4. Well, the story is as dead as the viewer now... Imprudence is the next one for the Lindens to stop....

  5. And with Emerald, so goes Skellig Medb. I am not going to play the game. And yes, I am sad to be doing this. It will be carefully linked and wrapped and boxed and stored this weekend and incantations said over it, to protect it in Inventory. That said (and nearly done), anger with a corporation is akin to a hard jab of one's fist down a bucket of water. Splash, slosh, all back to "normal." Not very fulfilling at all.

  6. Yes, Maeve, really the only thing one can do is withdraw the cash, it's the only 'vote' we have. InWorldz will welcome you tho..:))