Thursday, 4 February 2010

Oberon Onmura at Deutche Info Welt ++++ stuff

The first time I saw this piece by Oberon I was blown away by it. I think its the clarity and simplicity...I just love it. It's called Light Traffic, (what else...hehehhee).

He is showing 4 pieces here, it is Asmita Duranjaya who curates the space, and she's done well to get him there. I would also pick out "Antientropic" as a gem (- walk through this 5x5x5 3D cube of white dots to create an explosion of light and motion.).

The "official opening" is February 27, but the space is open now for public viewing, and, after Aliz's opening at Pirats, where nobody (80 of them) could see any art or might be an idea to pop over early. Now, I think Pirats is gonna have to rethink this idea of multiple openings, it's not fair on artists or visitors. Surely every artist can have their own opening, it's not like it costs anything.

Well, the big thing seems to be Avatars United this week, as I have more friends, suddenly, than I can shake a stick at, not that I would, of course,...... well....maybe one or two could do with a....

Botgirl amused me easily on the subject of 'authentic' avatars in her post...and it seems that some bright spark has made an "app" to help rectify this prob...the prob being that people might not be who they say they are....yawn...well...I think some chaos would liven it all up, personally.

While, I'm on the subject of blogs, cos it's been a rich vein for once.... I loved Chrome's piece here.... a bit of philosophy never goes amiss with this miss. Chrome, for those of you who don't know does great comic style blogposts, well worth following, I think..

...and.... Juanita has once again excelled in her posts on her artists she is showing at Treeline...wonderful to actually help promote and introduce people rather than just pointing them at a wall and saying 'get on with it'...... Two good pieces on two good artists.... Lynda Robinson .... and... Jadyn Firehawk, both of whom I mentioned briefly before, here given more space and time... well done, Juanita.

Now, the Lovemachine, "Philip Rosedale Attempting to Create Sentient Artificial Intelligence That Thinks and Dreams in Second Life!"...well..... good luck. The only bots I have ever met are stupider than toilet seats, and some humans are stupider than bots, so...recreating the human brain may not be such a good idea. ...but...if you want you can join in this (long term, I'm guessing) project, but you have to be clever like Nur or Wizzy, not just amazingly talented like me...they want people to make things work, not look good..

...well...I'm nowhere near as talented as Cole who has a nice piece written about her particle show by Bryn here...and....It's this Sunday, the UWA thingy...don't forget..(I'm really talking to myself here) as the winners of the machinima contest will be announced along with the normal monthly competition results (wrong....see's the 8th for the machinima thing...) for the people's choice before Saturday night if you want your vote to count. Cole has done a machinima for the competition and I think she has to be in the running for a prize...its brill. Details of everything on UWA blogsite.

...and....last but not least something nice from Alizarin Goldflake, and Flivelwitz Alsop....

"Alizarin has presented the spirit and form of the god Mahakala (Mahakala is the Tibetan form of Lord Shiva, who controls the universe with his consort Kali) with deep rich reds and blacks, all spiralling around a center point. The music, by Flivelwitz Alsop, is based on the Tibetan singing bowl and the throat vocalizations of the Tibetan Monks."

Beautiful....rings my chimes anyway...

.........and so....back to my bog I go...... tricky chaps, bogs..



  1. Haha.... thanks for mentioning that soror :)

    One small thing though, the Machinima announcement has a seperate event, and Torley Linden will be guest of honour/ speaker of honour. Its happening at 1pm, 8th Feb at UWA

  2. Thanks for the mention here! It was great fun making the music and video in this wall hanging. I am working on a project with another composer on this; we are creating full pieces (of music) in RL from the sounds we have placed in the SL sculptures.

  3. Oops - it put the wrong URL in my name the address I meant to put is:!