Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Log in Issues....

Funny how problems and cock-ups are now always called issues....
"Issues" makes it sound like it's a God-Related thing, not the fault of anyone of the's just 'like that'...well, good job for them we don't all have payment issues, I guess.

Anyway, someone has cocked-up and won't admit it, so, just like in the old days, I get on my blog and bend your ears, dear reader. I see that a good few of my friends are online, so seems like some of the servers are working, so I may just be moaning unnecessarily, but that never stopped me before...:)) 3.05 PM SLT....they posted the all clear on the know....Issues Resolved..bla, bla, bla.., that sort of thing and timed it as 3:40..... well...Wizzy wondered if they were suddenly all Time Lords...I personally think someone can't even tell the policy???

Well, it would be good PR policy to predict the grid status... I should try that too. I could predict my account balance each month for the Lav.

Anyway...for those of you way behind the news... like me...the big thing this week was the machinima contest at UWA... 215,000 L$ in prize money... not peanuts.... and all three top vids were excellent and the honerable mentions...and...everyone...... all three proving how wrong I was to say what I said...:))

Otherwise I have been keeping my head down, bog snorkelling...but all is going well, and Frigg is back so....I have to do some Norwegian things this coming week... all good, keeps me off the streets.

Oh..yes, I'm working on a new tree...but more of that when I finally surface.

Still no luck hacking into my own computer.... :((.... but learning to live with the loss (small)......and the extra work... damned machines... hehehhe...

Keep smiling..!!


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  1. Some were probably wondering what I was going on about on Twitter. I have always said, "A screenshot is worth a thousand words."