Thursday, 8 January 2009

New NPIRL girl....

Wizard Gynoid is the latest member of NPIRL, and very welcome she is too. Wizzy is apart from other talents a very good creator of geometrical shapes, the E8 being her most famous, and intricate. Sadly no longer eating prims at Rezzable, she is hatching a new build for this space.

NWN also picked up on my observation that the stats for SL were temporarily disabled, as I mentioned in a previous post, 28000 sims, and have provided a link to a map of the entire grid just further reinforcing the diluting effect this massive land production has on life and business in SL. I cant even recognise where i live from this. EEEk.

The day after I posted the suggestion that some of the 5.5million US$ they take as tier each month should be used on advertising, they sent me a Resident Survey to ask if I recommend SL to friends....well,.... excuse me...but that is surely your job, and not mine !!


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