Saturday, 3 January 2009

28,000 sims

Yes, thats what i worked it out at, tho the economic data was temporarily, maybe still is, suspended......
28000 sims....and about 77,000 max online, minus 20% bots...... 63,000 residents on 28,000 sims.....
its no wonder it feels like a ghost town/world out there. some of that 5.5 Million US$ monthly tier could surely go on a bit of advertising to get some people in to fill up the place, but that is not really a problem for LL. Their bank balance increases the more land they make... the sound of virtual tumbleweed doesnt worry them, I would think. Unless they sob all the way to the bank. ...:)))

But it is all a bit short-sighted again of them, really, and I know some of that money does get re-invested, but...... come on guys, sort it out. As I wrote before.....rising land prices have kept this country going for all the years since we stopped making things to sell... Land in SL is averaging between 1L$ and 2L$ per square meter over the past few months, and that is pretty bad for those that have bought land, good for those that tax it...

blog that I innocently wrote on the 18.3.2008.... 64000 people online....well its not really changed since then, the traffic, unless you think bots are traffic, which I dont, they are a waste of prims.

I doubt, of course, that any of em read this blog, or care....but friends are here to listen to you complain, aren't they...:))) and so.....bigs hugs and kisses to you all for putting up with my funny little moaning...:)))



  1. I won't take that comment on bots personally. :)

  2. you are the least 'bot' of anyone I know.....:))....
    Happy New Year...xxxxxx
    (now theres a sentence that would have an English teacher squirming)