Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Stuff.

Well, the big new news is the Script Engine, Phlox, which InWorldz though the efforts of the Team is now in Beta and being tested to check its speed. The speed is apparently fast, very fast.... without using to many sensational words...as a very very short pair of vids below will show...

Now, if you don't have any idea what this means, like me, you may want to read the fuller article...here..... or, like me, just accept that it means less lag from scripts. Gotta be good.

The other new thing to hit yesterday is a new Imprudence with media filter... I have used it around Iwz and SL and it seems stable and fine to me. In addition to the usual features... it has a new feature which is called Media Filter...this gives you the ablilty to Allow or Block media streams which, basically, means you can adjust your level of security in respect of the Media Hole and the IP stealing stuff....

...full release notes....here... It's an experimental release, and there is a Mac bug which stops the music stream, but I would imagine this is high on the 'To Do' list.

...and... The Bagman Cometh... BagMan Linden is now VP of Engineering... he introduces himself...here.... maybe he'll fix chat then?? cos now having 42 groups I can't talk to is one of those changes it is claimed I am resistant too...well, really having 6 I could talk to might be a change I would support.... Good lucky Baggy.

If you have a new...ish Mac Pro laptop....you might want to read this.....here.... seems like someone has been using too much chewing gum to hold the CPU in place...

Otherwise, InWorldz had the TV crews in last night. Treet TV broadcast live from inside InWorldz, showing Ub Yifu's Gulliver's Travels. Miso showed her work I think.......Nyx and Aliz as far as I know....I couldn't attend except to annoy some camera person towards the end.... ah well....keeps them on their toes..... that's what live broadcasting is all about, beware animals, kids and soror Nishi.

Both Toxic Menges and Mab Macmoragh will be showing Machinima in London on Friday.... cool... any more??



  1. i think high on Bagman's list would be finding a technological solution to reduce lag. this will be truly difficult due to philip's early decision to design separate regions with sim lines. how that crucial decision was made is discussed in this 2003 article here: http://www.gamasutra.com/resource_guide/20030916/rosedale_pfv.htm
    some departing Lindens have expressed the opinion that it is impossible to scale second life.

  2. Yep, I read that post but didn't really understand which of the decisions they had made had hindered them especially.