Monday, 14 March 2011

Security Worsens...

This is maybe 12 hours old, so Twitterers will maybe already have seen this... seems like the SL Forum is basically a place to avoid at all costs if you want to retain any privacy at all...

There has been a mixture of panic and anger, and many will say that things have been exaggerated, but this post by Darrius I find deeply disturbing..... not because of some deep evil intent, just stupidity and bungling...

Again it looks as if the things the Boys should be looking after are farmed out in one of the most DIY (Do-It-Yourself) companies around..... or maybe that should be do it ourselves...DIO... crap, tho, however you call it.



  1. What is hilarious to me is that a so-called "tech" company like LL must employ people who haven't read even the lightest of tech-oriented sites for the last, say, 4 years or so... because anyone who does knows that the hotbed of criminal hacking activity is now the Russian/Serb/Croation contingent; basically because those countries are dead-broke.

    I'ts where most of the botnets, virus outbreaks and militarized use of the network is centered when it doesn't trace back to China. There is some question whether this is actually a form of "outsourcing" to conceal internal corporate interests...

    But srsly, who do they employ at LL? Ex-AOLers? People ignorant of the trends in their own industry? Are they so stupid as to fall for the old Pidgeon Drop? Apparently, as they are outsourcing to some of the most shady, flaky and questionable "programmers" on the planet currently.

  2. wow haha even wilder: "Lithium Community Platform"... er... did they not know what the connotations of Lithium are?

    I'm in it foar teh lulz :D

  3. Well, Miso, you are in the right place for LPW, that is Lulz Per Week, it's like an ongoing soap.
    Maybe they'll move Customer Services to Nigeria next.