Monday, 7 March 2011

Sabrinaa Nightfire.

Sabrinaa Nightfire started on the most transformational of journeys today when she left both SL and RL after a difficult illness.

I didn't know her very well, but she was always pleasant, positive and warm when I met her.

We had a common love of flowers.

I will leave it to her friends to pass on their thoughts to those she left behind.



  1. Sabrinaa was my art-mother in SL, the first person to ask me for my work and the first one to arrange a showing for me at her own space. I cannot say how I will miss her. She was much braver and stronger than me.

  2. There are not enough words to express the loss so many of us feel at the moment. Sabrina's grace and genrousity helped me through so much in Second Life and even when I did not have cofidence inmyself she gave that too me and insisted I promote my artwork as well, not just my music. I will get on that Sab...YOU gave so much for so little in return. Thank-you for being you as long as you could be. hugzzz.

  3. Sabrinaa's Facebook page is here:

  4. Sabrinna

    Pixels are brought to life
    Filling out the empty space
    and relations between the lines
    make room for our mind

    One creation is to live and make a sign
    what's left is other people's thoughts
    but you make them not forget
    a beautiful mind

    Betty Tureaud

  5. It may sound corny to some, but the words of a great poet resound through all time.

    "No man is an Iland, intire of itselfe; every man
    is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine;
    if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe
    is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as
    well as if a Manor of thy friends or of thine
    owne were; any mans death diminishes me,
    because I am involved in Mankinde;
    And therefore never send to know for whom
    the bell tolls; It tolls for thee."

    Sabrinaa, dear, you touched more hearts than you know..

  6. There is a FLICKR account set up for people to leave pictures they may have of her. Please only send one pic in because many people will want to and it is a free account and limited.

    Please IM me inworld for the password/username combo

  7. Ormand Lionheart7 March 2011 at 13:00

    I met Sabrinaa through mutual friends since she had so many. Was a very positive person even when recalling her struggles. She had fun! She enjoyed giving to others the most. I have a load of her clothes she freely gave away. Sabrinaa is like a stone that skips on the water sending ripples outward infinitely touching people in ways she couldn't imagine. I know she is still doing the same even now. Life is about people you interact with and it was a great pleasure to do so with her. The moment is sad however the memories are beautiful :-). Take care Sabrinaa I know we will meet up plenty of times in spirit :-).

  8. that is, IM Miso Susanowa inworld for the password/username for the Flickr account

  9. In death and is life, sabrinaa challenges us to grow bigger hearts, widen our eyes, and listen. I will not miss you so, sabrinaa, for you will always be with me.

    I have such fond memories of the many shows you curated, always asking virtual content creators to stretch just a little bit more, see things in new ways. There was the No Texture Challenge, the Imagine Create Challenge where artists were limited to working with 9 specific textures, the One Prim Wonder Challenge... and so many more.

  10. I flew between your flowers looking for me
    met art and soul. Thanks Sabrina

  11. Sabrinaa, We had many good talks you and I, and you will be greatly missed. Thank you for all the times you made me clothes as you learned to do them! You were a very sweet person and friend, God bless you and keep you on your higher journeys... see you when I get there! Always friends..... Love you, Butterfly

  12. she was my neighbor on the old Caerleon sim and i could see her skybox from mine on New Caerleon. she gave me loads of clothes (must be hundreds in my inventory) and she always made a place for me on her sim when she had a show. we will all miss you sabrinaa nightfire.

  13. Filmed in her artwork.

    bye bye

  14. sabrinaa was such an amazing woman. Inspirational, brave, generous, optimistic... She invited me to show in the Ambiguity of Identity show and we had a couple of great conversations about identity. We talked about our fathers passing away and she told stories of his corny sense of humor and we laughed. I will never forget you Sabrinaa. You will remain in our hearts and souls forever. Thank you for your garden of beautfy!!! xoxox

  15. On the side of life, on the side of life, on the side of creativity, on the side of humanity. Peace is the way, beauty is its colour. Both shone through you.

  16. Your words are the nectar that feeds our thirst for Sabrinaa/Debbie. Thank you from her family who knew we had someone special in our midst. "Farewell, Sabrinaa Nightfire" is posted to my blog at

  17. I promised her an Ekphrasis, and waited too long. Here it is today:

  18. You were a wonderful artist, and a great person. I always felt a playful, healing energy from you, Sabrinaa. Many will miss you, I know I will. Blessed Be, lovely. Kiss, Neph~

  19. Sabrinaa - Thanks for reminding us that... Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile.


  20. I never got to meet Sabrinaa.
    There are just so many of us.
    This I believe... and if you don't believe this, believe that I do.
    Sabrinaa has already returned.
    No... she's not old enough to come to Secondlife, but she has returned...
    We just don't know her this time.


  21. Sabrinaa, there are no words, just love

  22. Special Jewell8 March 2011 at 05:02

    Sabrinaa was a sweet person, a true artist and friend. She will be missed.

  23. She will be remebered as a great artist and a wonderful person. It was so easy to work with her and great fun to spend time with her. 2009 i met her in real Berlin. Im glad she was a good friend and shared her wisdom. We will not forget you, sab!

  24. Sabrinaa's work is so joyous and alive that
    it is hard to imagine that she was physically suffering

    It is comforting to know that her creations in SL brought her great pleasure

    as they surely did to all of us

    A painful loss

    may her memory be as a blessing

    Isabella Alphaville

  25. The tide recedes, but leaves behind
    bright seashells on the sand.
    The sun goes down, but gentle warmth
    still lingers on the land.
    The music stops, yet echoes on
    in sweet, soulful refrains.
    For every joy that passes,
    something beautiful remains...

    rest in peace

  26. Sabrinaa was one of the first people to welcome me in the art scene in SL. Running into her at events was always a pleasure. She was one of the nicest people that I was always happy to see.

  27. I made another stop at Erato this morning to set out a small memorial, then wandered around the sim. I was struck by what Sabrinaa had chosen to do for her Second Life friends, in her final days, by putting on the Black White and Red All Over exhibit. All the work of organizing an exhibit for us to gather together one last would have been so much simpler to just abandon Second Life as a shallow frivolity at the end. The exhibit was an act of profound love by Sabrinaa for us. I will never forget that.

  28. Fuschia Nightfire10 March 2011 at 10:58

    Sabrinaa was one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, I made a quick machinima celebrating her art that is still on show in various places on Second Life:

  29. A new star ...

    If you look up at the starry sky ...
    and you see a new star ..
    know that his name is Sabri-Debbie
    Star among the stars
    You'll always be with us
    Maryva Mayo

  30. You will stay in our hearts...................

    Nathalie / Merlina

  31. Sab, don't know if there is an Afterlife. But I do know that your effect on this life will live on after you. Hugs forever, Ali

  32. Sabrina - I can only wish that I had known you better, and be grateful that our paths crossed at all....
    Standing here, in this corner of Caerleon, I am overcome by the love that is around me, by the way you loved and inspired others, and by the love they show you here...
    Thank you Sabrina

  33. Sabrina, Only met you once, knew more about you through all your many many friends, I am quite sure you were welcomed with wide open gates and beaming smiles and now surrounded by many new friends...I wish you peace and the bliss of a new found freedom .. Jeri Rahja

  34. Sabrinaa was an inspiration, her brave battle and for each and every person she touched here in words or Art, her contribution to sl was unique and diverse and will be sadly missed by all whom she touched with grace, kindness and her adventure for life and creativity

  35. Scrolling thoughtfully throught sentiments left behind by those whom knew and loved her, a private one only Sabrinaa would understand shall I lay here.

    Thank you for the fog.

    Sleep Tight, beloved.


  36. I only recently came across your work and loved it, and then I found out about your recent passing Sabrinaa. Your work will persist and enlighten the hearts of many people, I'm sure. Thank you for making such beautiful things :)