Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This weeks news...

...or, rather, a few bits and pieces.

The InWorldz Birthday build is open from tomorrow 31st March, a fair number of people have set up some stuff to showcase the talent now residing and creating in IWz.

I actually heard someone say, (really!!)... "I am superexcited about SL8." .. well that left me slightly dumbstruck, SL5, SL6 and SL7 were all crap, so I'm extremely underexcited, myself.

...and later today the new script engine, Phlox, is due to be rolled out in IWz which, allegedly, once it's all settled down and tweeked, may be 100 to 1000 times faster than other grids.

For those of you who haven't been online much, the Kitely is big news according to some.... and just a bit of fun to others. It offers instant access to Virtual Worlds through Facebook.... and promises future development to make it an introductory experience for people too fazed to try SL or IWz. Time will tell... I do have to profess to being very sceptical to dumbed down versions of VWs simply because the graphics in VWs is poor already, so to create a virtual experience that is less than SL is really gonna be poor... (see future post... Soror's Wishlist for VW Grids)...

...on that note ... the New SL Dumb Viewer has been released, and according to doesn't work. I'm taking her word for it and not even bothering to say anything nasty about releasing Crap onto the market with your name written all over it.... shooting fish in a barrel, like I said.

If you like a good hard rant, then the Rant Prize must go to Prad ... here....and, a far more artistic anaylsis of the recent demise of an ex Blue M'arser.... by

IP stuff is still attracting comment and Aeonix Aeon in a detailed post "...Instead of actually verifying whether or not an item with IP suspected of being infringing is actually infringing, ie: the person has filed the paperwork for it to exist, Linden Lab takes a “Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out” approach."

...and lastly, I am starting to build at UWA on Friday... a whole sim of stuff.

In other news....Spring is springing here in RL.. flowers, leaves all that stuff and the weather was great for March.

April may be different....


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