Monday, 7 March 2011

InBiz by Anna Debruyere

I love these worlds so much when I see the creative people taking hold of a problem and thinking out a new solution...

....and this one is called InBiz. It's a search engine and directory for stuff in InWorldz, it's free, easy to use and it's been designed by Anna Debruyere.. .. full marks and standing ovation.

Firstly you pop over to Apocalypse (127, 207, 26), check my Picks if you lose the address.... and you copy the little marker that you find there, and pop back to your shop with it.

Rezz it out and edit the config. card in the contents... there's an example there, in the contents file, for you to follow along with a list of categories you can chose to be listed under. Change the config. card, save and put it back in the marker... easy peasy...

Go to the website... here.... and search for one of your categories...

...and...there you are, listed and easy to find... either by category or by name...v cool...

Thanks Anna.



  1. Sometimes something comes along and is a world changer.. This is it! No more fighting thru rigged Ads to get your store or place noticed.

  2. /me takes a bookmark of inBiz...

  3. Like you said. It was very easy to setup and use. I'm now listed there and I love the fact that since only one marker but two categories (as of the latest version) this allows flexibility as far as categories goes but can't be rigged.

  4. Now that's something to log in for! /me grabs the keys and heads to Apocalypse. Beep beep!

  5. Yep, and put it in your Picks if you would be so kind, let's spread the news..:))