Saturday, 5 March 2011

New Style Second Life Community Thingy.

The new Community Platform (no's blogs and stuff) has just been rolled out, and, it looks pretty good in a sort of 80's styling. The thing seems to have been thought through and well organised.

Now, although I could never listen to him first thing in the morning, Torley 'Friendly Greetings' Linden presents a happy and simple overview. Reminding me of a kid's TV presenter or Happy Smurf I do feel like strangling him at times, but would do so with a smile on my face. He's like that infuriating little brother....

...but full credit, really, concise and clear.

Interestingly though, there does seem to be a difference with this new launch, and a difference which Linden Lab could do well to learn from.

As the criticisms and bugs started to become noticed, Torley, Amanda and Vogt were there to help, change and improve bits and pieces. It seemed to me that there were a group of people who were 'on hand' to help launch this new product. This is, of course, how all new products should be nurtured, but I have not seen so much of it before. It is normal, intelligent launching.

Now, this is all very positive comment from me, but then I am no forum user. I have made one comment in 4 years and have no intention of providing free customer support to people outside of a virtual environment, it's just of no interest to me. Good luck to those that do, however, and well done to the Boys for making it easier for people that know SL to give advise to those with questions.

I, personally, hate the rewards system, it reminds me of the stars people at McDonalds have on their uniforms, but it won't effect me as I have no competitive leanings in the "Best Forum Contributor" stakes.

Wizzy pointed out that there seems to be no Display Names on the new profiles in this platform.... have they finally discovered how annoying it is that people can keep changing their names?

...and while I am putting a positive spin on stuff...

I got a reply to an email I sent to the Lab, and mentioned a while back...

"Thanks Soror. Several folks have asked for a content creators user group. It's on the list! Thanks so much for the feedback and I'll let you know when that group starts up!" it is surprising that the Boys could overlook Content Creators, they will also have a possibility to get heard on occasion, we hope.


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