Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Redzone Banned.

Well, whereas you or I could be banned in a few hours by arguing with one of the Forums alleged Fascist Moderators, it has taken the Boys a month, at least, of constant pressure from all walks of SL life to get round to doing what should have been done 4 weeks ago.

During that 4 weeks anger and resentment has built up and cross words have been exchanged on the Forum, amongst other places, where "Fascist" moderators have banned people and exposed their IP addresses in a manner that has a few people Spitting Angry... e.g. Suspiria Finucane ... here.

Now, if she were just one angry voice in the wilderness of the new forum I might ignore it, but with Darrius Gothly saying more or less the same, /me wonders how many more complaints we are gonna here about this......posted yesterday...Darrius.

The other question is whether the basic 'hole' in the security caused through the Media On A Stupid Prim thing has been plugged or if it is just lurking, waiting for someone else to exploit.

Change your password .... today.


  1. I have a better idea, come to Inworldz! Grass is definately greener - well you wont have your private details given to 3rd parties and you wont be treated with disrespect in forums by any mod.

  2. Inworldz will not expose your privates. Nuff said.

  3. Yep, good to keep your privates concealed, except in exceptional circumstances.

  4. Media on a Prim still leaks. With LL's Viewer and Search Dev Teams rushing headlong to move everything onto web-based services, and adding full browser support (including Javascript etc.) as the base-level support .. won't be long before we have viruses in Second Life too. Won't it just be so FUN!