Wednesday, 2 March 2011

UWA on FRIDAY.....

In a slight change to tradition, it seems the UWA awards thingy will take place on Friday....see below.....

"UWA 3D Open Art Challenge : FEB Ceremony - 6AM SLT, 4th MARCH

Please keep 6AM SLT, Friday 4th March Free for the announcements for the February Round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

Peoples choice vote round still ongoing through Noon SLT 3rd March.

Artwork now also being received for March Round" tomorrow is the last chance to vote...

...and on their Art Sim at UWA Virtlantis (dodgy name, whoever thought that one up...sorry)... a new exhibition for March...
Called 'Other World' it is the work of Cherry Manga, Anley Piers & Elfe Imako

"Mankind created the machine and always wanted to improve it, adding abilities, and even gave the machine artificial intelligence.

The machine had its own evolution, once it gained artificial intelligence it grew to possess artificial consciousness then the collective consciousness. The machine grew up through many aeons, learned from its own mistakes.

The machine is now in the other world, all parts of the machine are closely bounded, if a little robot cuts itself, the sadness is shared by the entire machine. The machine lives in harmony in the environment it is set, all energy needs are calculated to keep and preserve the world, nothing is taken freely from nature, the machine looks after nature, conscious that its energy depends on the global health of its natural environment.

This way of living is what humankind could call utopia or eden.

This exhibition shows the irony of machine beings, supposed to be heartless and without emotional feelings able to live in respect of its environment, and in harmony with all members of its community ... and the sad conclusion that human beings in 2011 are still fighting for power, for money, for religion, not able to think of the future of our children, continuously draining all that earth can give."

I haven't been there yet...but I will...soonish... RL is wasting my time, currently...


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  1. lol haha... well the Friday bring forward is coz I am going to Sydney the next day to give a talk on SL at the Australian Higher Education Congress, so I wont have access on the normal Sunday.

    UWA Virtlantis was named by Kip Yellowjacket when the sim formed initially as a language collaboration. Thats the name of his language lab. Virtlantis