Monday, 21 February 2011

Alizarin camping and other stuff.

Last night saw the opening of Alizarin Goldflake's latest immersive piece....and we all went camping by the light of the fill moon.

It's here....and very much worth a visit. Aliz's delicate handworked textures are always a pleasure and we sat around the campfire and chatted...

The Mysterious Forest is quite a tangle to get into and very atmospheric... that light reminded us all of various camping trips, desert and beach..... *sigh*...

Merlina and I kept the spiders off a snoring Miso....

Full details of the build are here.

I popped over to UWA to deliver a little build for the February Round... and came across this piece by Garnet Trilling... no guesses as to why I was interested...

...and I got mesmerised by Gingered Alsops piece... she has entered the UWA machinima competition with a piece other news.....

"today the Second Life Forums, Blogs, Knowledge Base and SL Answers are now temporarily in read-only mode. This means that everything housed within the site is available for you to read, but you cannot post comments--or contribute content--until we launch our new community platform" the cynical amongst us will say that it makes no difference anyway as none of the Boys read the stuff we write, or if they do, they ignore it....but not me...(much)... Wow, can I wait til the 2nd March...the excitement is intense .. (more exciting in tents, actually)..

I wrote a well composed and respectful email to the Boys a while back, just telling them how to run their company, but I haven't received a reply as yet. I guess they are all a bit busy.

I'm sure replying to me is at the top of someone's list.



  1. I was going to take a close up pic of you but your eyes were too spooky for me. (such delicate sensibilities) So, I zoomed back and took one of you and Ali.

  2. hehhehehe.... I do have normal eyes too, sometimes...:))

  3. ty to you and Merlina for spider patrol, although some of the mosquitos seem to have gotten through the tent gauze *shows Calamine lotion pink spotted face*

  4. erm. i would give my first born to see a copy of that email.

  5. that won't be necessary, Wizz....:))

  6. @ Miso....I would have thought the spiders would have got the mossies..... huge s.o.b's.. gave some people the creeps.