Thursday, 17 February 2011

Best and Worst of the Week, bored with Rod.

Well, I have read every word, I think, of the various interviews with Rodvik and have not really changed my mind from the opinions I expressed in my previous post.

Worst of the Week first, like in the bad news/good news scenario....

I was amazed at Hamlet’s reply to the question about what he thought would be the best “First Fix’.

The exact wording is... “At the end of our conversation, Rod Humble asked me what I thought the best first fix to Second Life should be. I said: Facebook integration with a cloud-deployed version of SL with single point-and-click avatar movement.”

Now, because..... apart from the fact that real users are screaming for Chat and Search to be sorted out, and that cloud-deployed (presumably browser-based is what is meant here) viewer would be a disaster, (If anyone thinks that visiting Second Life on their mobile phone will be an attractive offer... wait til you find out what your phone company is gonna charge you..)

.. and that point and click is already available.... this single sentence is probably the worst I read recently.... and I haven’t even bothered to mention the Facebook thing.... told you I was bored.

But, dress me up in a giant condom if I don’t know the usefulness of a bit of media coverage... and Rodvik has done well. Even the Kiss a Linden day where SaveMe was left alone with an afk Blondin AKA victim (obviously inexperienced) was a relatively positive PR stunt. Though SaveMe had bigger fish to fry... (probably my Most Amusing Hour of the Week)...

The thing is, that the one thing Rodvik could do, immediately, like today, is to adjust the inbalance between SL and InWorldz, for example and redress the following....

In SL the smallest prim is 0.01 x 0.01x 0.01m, in IWz it's 0.001x 0.001x 0.001m

In SL you can hollow out a prim 95%, in IWz it's 99%.

In SL the largest prim is 10x10x10m, in IWz it's 128x128x128m (256x256x256 if you use the Impudence viewer.)

In SL you can link prims upto 32 meters apart, in IWz you can link upto 256 meters apart.

...and you can link thousands of prims in IWz, in SL it's 256 prims.

in SL a mainland prim costs 13 cents per month, in IWz a mainland prim costs 2 cents per month.

Well, maybe not the tier, that’s never gonna change.... except upwards.

...and while he’s at it...what about a couple of very useful extra buttons on my Viewer...

That would be a good weeks work, he can copy and paste the code from bored as I am with Rodvik, .. this would prove that he really is interested in improving our ability to create.... and stop people writing (I think I will scream next time I read) “acta non verba’.

Now, staying with the Cloud illusion, or rather the opposite, brings me to my Best of the Week... which is news about the home server...

The New York Times reports on The Freedom Box, which points to a future where we will all have our own servers rather than pay good money to some server farm in Silicon Valley.

This, together with Tor and similar projects (which would bypass government censorship and controls) would lead me to believe that the future will see us being able to become more independent, rather than less.

As I have read, also, recently, that steps are being made to make OpenSim Hypergating less a pirates paradise, in that stealing stuff from grids will be hampered by software under development... all points to more freedom and less dependence.

....from The Metaverse Journal...

“TMJ: We don’t want this to be entirely one-sided. What are we – as users and customers – not asking you about that you’d nevertheless like us to hear?

[Rod replies] "I will read the comments to this interview, what I would most like to know is this: In 2 years time what would you most like to be doing in Second Life, and how would you like to be doing it? The answers to that question would be very helpful indeed.”

...but the obvious answer is... (from me, anyway...)

Well, Rod, unless you and the Boys get it sorted and do it properly ... I won't be doing anything in SL, I'll have my 16 sims hyperlinked to OpenSim.... at zero Tier...


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  1. "I was amazed at Hamlet’s reply to the question about what he thought would be the best “First Fix'."
    Heck no, not amazed simply speechless!
    The more I read of that guy, the more I see a lot of what another member of the blogosphere says about him seems to be true.
    And the thing is Hamlet's been here a long time... at one time he actually spent time in-world.
    FACEBOOK! Oh yeah! What was I thinking Zukerberg can fix search, sim crossing, poor support.........
    OK, I'll take a breath.