Sunday, 27 February 2011

A weeks bits and pieces.

The Inworldz photo competition was one of the first things I popped along to this week.

..and this piece by Us Vemo caught my eye. The show is at Alinja and there is the possibility of voting for your favourite piece.

Nyx Breen's Chrysler Building is an impressive piece of building, the inside being fully 'deco'd' out. The clubroom is amazing..

..and the texture shop which I blogged before has come down to earth..

...and now sits next to the Chrysler., on Sunset Beach, InWorldz.

I did manage to catch the last divorce at Ant Vegas on Monday where "The Aeonia Artist Group presents: “Welcome to Fabulous Ant Vegas” – The Ant-ology". I was very amused ... great fun. It is at Aeonia. Check Ally Aeon's profile for the TP.

Last night I had a dance..

Gingered Alsop was providing the music at a great venue... I didn't have time to ask, but it looked like the builder was Trinny Mizin ... why aren't more dance venues NPIRL? Excellent company and music.

FreeWee has been busy with the UWA and it's just a week left to pop over and cast your vote in the "most popular piece' thingy...
..huge number of artists involved this month. It just grows and grows.

Have a good weekend.



  1. Great pics and commentary ... thanks for sharing.

  2. See what happens? I take a lil over a day off and so much happens, Heh Heh =^..^=

  3. I'm so far behind with what's going on in SL I just want to congratulate you on winning a prize for your daisy tree at the UWA I know its a bit late but I think there's always time for some praise Fantastic as always. Well done :))

  4. Photo competition, sigh, sigh, sigh.
    Idols already found InWorldz

  5. Thanks Nishmip.

    @saveme....,, *sigh*

  6. My wasn't Us Vemo...its being kept secret until the unveiling....... photo comp....