Monday, 7 February 2011

Chat across grids...

Well, Wizzy wasn't the only person who wanted to know where to find me as I hopped from grid to grid, but it was Wizzy who found this device called Radionne...

It's like a cross between a walkie talkie and CB Radio. ... it works between grids, and its free on

Until yesterday it didn't work for InWorldz....but.... Wizzy tracked down Vadrouille Zepp who popped over to InWorldz, did some clever scripty stuff...and...hey presto! it now works there too.

You wear it...then touch it to get this HUD up

Click which grids you want to hear from...or...ALL....

Click language to select if you want it in all languages or only want to speak to Italians...or whatever...or...ALL

...and I haven't played with ringtones yet...but then I never do...

then....type /22 and whatever message message message..etc. that then gets broadcast to whoever is wearing one at the time... appearing in your CHAT..... thus..

[5:32] Radionne: [ SL ] »en» ☻ soror Nishi ► soror... hello ◄
[5:33] Radionne: [ SL ] »fr» ☻ kiarha Kira ► hello soror ^^ ◄
[5:33] Radionne: [ SL ] »en» ☻ soror Nishi ► hello ◄
[5:34] Radionne: [IWZ] »fr» ☻ soror Nishi ► wonderful ◄
[5:34] Radionne: [ CW ] »en» ☻ Tan Quan ► hi sorror ◄
[5:35] Radionne: [ SL ] »fr» ☻ Vadrouille Zepp ► heloo soror ◄
[5:36] Radionne: [IWZ] »fr» ☻ soror Nishi ► what a great machine, Hi Tan ◄ [[I'm in 2 grids at the same time]]
[5:36] Radionne: [ CW ] »en» ☻ Tan Quan ► sorry have to go now sorror .. enjoy your day ◄
[5:36] Radionne: [ SL ] »en» ☻ soror Nishi ► byee Tan ◄

so...thats a threeway chat between SL, CW (Craft) and IWZ ....neat hey??

Get one if you are a Transworlder...v useful.

Thanks Vadrouille.



  1. Nice, except that Wizzy didn't 'find' the Radionne. She read this and followed the link. I would have sent you this message via the Radionne, but there's no 'Virginia highway' setting (yet)...

  2. ahh...OK...well, well done, Thirza, a great find who ever found it...:))

  3. Soror... where do you get it InWordlz?

  4. Us has a good question, which I'm wondering about, too. It's an inventory item, which means we Transworlders who don't hyperport will need one in our inventories in each world. Knowing where to get one in SL is great, but kind-of limiting unless/until the maker offers them in InWorldz, among others.

  5. @ Lalo...mine is copy...... so I can give you one. np...:)) or ask Wizzy when she's on.....or Us.

  6. the creator of Radionne, Vadrouille Zepp, gave me a vendor box that i can place anywhere in Inworldz. You buy it for $0L. if anyone has a suggestion for where it could be in inworldz, IM me there.

  7. Wizzy, place it in the Freebie shop on IDI, that's available for anyone to rez a freebie vendor.

  8. currently working to add a Reaction Grid version.

  9. This is so cool. I've put out copies on ReactionGrid and jokaydiaGRID. More info on my blog.

  10. YAY excellent run down on how to Soro .. Im deff gonna pick one up for both SL and IW (and other grids once I get time to get my bum in gear ;)

  11. Excellent, glad it was of use to you. I believe SpotOn3D are also looking into being included too.

  12. How to get one in a new grid ?

  13. Speak to the maker in SL...or write him a note...he may be able to help.
    Vadrouille Zepp ... thats what he did with InWorldz.