Sunday, 13 February 2011

Party at Kelly Yap's Gallery

Went to a great party last night on Kelly Yap's roof.... Eifachfilm was the DJ, and I had done the planting....

...but like any good party it was the people that made it....

I got some photos inbetween crashing and taking my first machinima.

Apologies to those I didn't get.... you may be on the Machinima...below....

I word of warning is my first attempt at a machinima, so it is pretty poor....

The Artist side of me wanted to put it in the bin.... but the blogger side of me thinks its good to show first attempts, after all, if there's one thing that is certain, it is that we have all improved our skill levels over the past year/s, and looking back at how crap we were when we started is a nice thing to do...soo..

It.s published here, without any music....still don't know about copyright etc... something on iTunes while you watch... or whatever.

Eifachfilm provided us with a steady mix of upbeat toons last night that kept us all hopping....

On a technical note, I used ScreenFlow software, which I have only mastered the very basics of, as you can see. It is relatively cheap as far as editing software goes, with, currently, some of the worst tutorials available. The UI is very much like iMovie, which, in future I will use to improve stuff before I subject you to it.

My Space Navigator still hasn't been fully accepted by the viewers, but that is apparently not my fault as other people have the same problem. It works well as a tool, I just need to unplug and reconnect occasionally on login.

Now...all I need is a plan and a bit more skill...

...and..practice makes perfect, they say....

We'll have to see about that.

Thanks to Kelly Yap for a great time...and there is a whole bunch of great art on the floors below my psychodelic build which need more time and a gentle viewing... I will return..



  1. awwwwwwee i miss that opening :)
    send a tp next time !

  2. well...Betty... I did blog it...:)) and Miso...:)) gotta keep up...hehehhheee

  3. AND Apmel.. Please keep up Betty :)))))))))))

  4. I was there but the Yap woman did not let me in, Soror, thanks for doing so much your best for me.

  5. erm. video above says "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the request." and then it refuses to play. i even logged in here. still no go.

  6. hmmm...I think I have changed the privacy settings on probably didnt miss much...:))

  7. Not a bad first attempt at machinima… my first was horrid. As a fellow novice keep going with it.
    As for music copyright, check this site out: I love it and have used it a number of times. The music there is all in various flavors of Creative Commons licensing … and as I am sure you will find (if you haven’t already) there is a ton of music and mixes there.
    It is great fun to explore (similar to