Friday, 18 February 2011

Ub Yifu

Ub Yifu, a well-known and respected builder from SL has a sim of amazing stuff which opened last night at Alexanderia in InWorldz.

For those who are regularly in InWorldz this is probably no surprise, but for those that visit infrequently I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

The sim is one that Jeri Rahja sponsors, and, in addition, she is sponsoring a Machinima Contest, and am going to be one of the judges.

... details...

Gulliver Contest

1) The contest begins on 2/18 and all submissions must be in by 3/25/11 - the Machinima must be posted on u-tube to be seen and the information of the Machinima must be sent to the Sitting Judges - so they maybe properly viewed. Along with a copy of the Machinima send to Jeri Rahja

2) All Photos must be forward to Jeri Rahja - so they may be properly displayed at the Gulliver Sim - the Photos must be sent Full Perm and will become the property of the Gulliver Property but will never be sold or distributed - except for the winning picture - reason for the 10,000L'z prize - as we may use the picture for our use.

3) The Winning Machinima will also become the sole property of Gulliver's Travel's and we may use it for our future advertising - or utilize it as a tool for other means within Gulliver. The prize money will not be paid until a full perm version of the Machinima is release to Jeri Rahja with a notecard from the creator that any and all rights of the Machinima belong to Jeri Rahja and or Gulliver's Travels.

4) There is no limit as to how many photos or Machinima's one person may enter

5) There are only 2 winners in this contest

First Prize Machinima 30,000 L'zs First Prize Photo 10,000 L'zs

Judges are as follows: Ub Yifu, Saffia Widdershins, Nazz Lane, Mera Kranfel, Tricia Aferdita, Tranquillity Dexler, Copan Falta & Soror Nishi

....and pop over for a visit. Live music events are being held there as I write.....



  1. ~Yep...totally agree....dust off the cameras.....

  2. I love this guy's work! I reviewed his Sky Sculptures Gallery for a SL guide with Wonderful Evenings. I'll have to pop into Inw to see his place!


  3. Wizzy's pop quiz: Ub's Gulliver bears a striking resemblance to whom?

  4. @ Wizzy.....yep..... Mister Lurv.

  5. i just now realized that's me standing on gulliver's throat chakra.

  6. and you are gulliver's third eye!

  7. Yep, we are enlightening him.