Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nyx Breen and Caren McCaw

A number of you will know Nyx from his builds at UWA where he walked away with more than his fair share of awards for his amazing builds.

What you might not know is how busy he has been in InWorldz.

High above his sim at Sunset Beach he is, in his spare time (which is limited) he is putting together a very interesting Art Deco influenced steel structure...

His spare time is limited as he is also, apart from his day job, building the Chrysler Building and 6 sims of New York style brownstones...

Luckily for the rest of InWorldz his shop, which he has put together with Caren is full of the most amazing textures for sale.

This really constitutes the most amazing asset for Iwz builders ... I haven't seen anything so impressive for a long time..

I lost track of how many floors, 3 I think, but I did see the basement where there are freebies and group gifts for those that don't need a huge selection of stuff.

A lot of his textures are from the old areas of Boston where Nyx wanders during his lunch hour, camera in hand, eyes peeled for something special. These are not simply stuff dragged over from SL, but new and exclusive to Iwz.

The result is a labour of love that will be of benefit to InWorlderz for many years to come, and just another thing to attract the very best builders to this grid.

You can find the LM on Caren or Nyx's profile and pop over for a little something special.



  1. Ohhhhh those builds are stunning!!! Must go see!!

  2. i hope nyx is still working on that metropolis movie remake thingy...

  3. better ask him, I think he's busy with New York.

  4. Hey Soror, thanks for the drop bye was great to catch up a little. Yeah its a different animal in IZ, great choices for building, but with all things there is always an issue or two. Yes lots of opportunity to expand your creative side be it building or creating. VRT the texture store is a big place 6 floors and over 2000 custom textures now, keeps us busy, The build was just a whim and Caren saw it and basically tackled me and said she wanted a copy for her CMC Skin store. The copy you saw is up on Jeri's artistic sims. So Whiskeyshot either look in Caren McCawa profile for CMC Creations or IM me if you drop into IZ. The New York city sims are an ongoing project with me and several others creators and builders in IZ. Panacea and the other owners have it starting to get online, its going to be a fabulous shopping and roleplay location in IZ. Whizzy yes the Metropolis project is still being worked on IM me the next time you see Nyx in SL.
    Appreciate the visit and the comments :)

  5. WTH is this, REALLY? This building is'nt more than badly textured prim someone put together. Lets face it. Ugly as F*** .

    1. First time i saw your words. What a kind person you must be. The Holidays must be special for family and friends. Your attitude is very common as are you.