Saturday, 12 February 2011


“I wasn’t born to be satisfied” is a line from a song which stays with me... I like it as a contrast to the mantra my mum used to deliver regularly as I was growing up “the most important thing in life is to be happy”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite content that I am more often dissatisfied than happy. I am content a lot of the time.

More than one artistic soul over the past month has expressed the anxiety that comes from a sort of ‘block’, a period of emptiness, uninspired apathy, that I normally term as post-natal depression.

Letting that panic subside will normally allow a glimpse of the general dissatisfaction that I am referring to. It is the seed bed of the Muse.

Without ennui we would never get off our butts to amuse ourselves and without a certain desire to improve our situation or environment nothing would change.

The constant pressure that artists and content creators can feel to produce a never ending string of masterpieces .... of this I have written previously... here...... and on days when Botgirl’s “Church of the Blank Page” echoes with the chill wind of lethargy whistling through the empty architecture, well, go get a coffee and do something different.

Scottius and I were talking recently about just this subject. Lunaria was such a major piece of work, as any sim-wide build obviously is...I mean, 15000 prims don’t rezz themselves, that he is taking time out RL to make some concrete pieces (not in concrete).
...and I am starting to assemble small sketch-like installations which will all come together in April when I do a sim at UWA.

One of these pieces, a half-way sketch, is opening tomorrow at Kelly Yaps Gallery, on the roof. It is a small installation with elements of my previous work and a flavour of my future UWA sim. ... best at midnight...

The details are...

New Works at Kelly Yap Newcomer's and Friends Gallery!

Come see the works of Louly Loon, Corcosman Voom, RAG Randt, Trill Zapatero, Miso Susanowa, Tallulah Winterwolf and soror Nishi!

DAY-GLO Opening Party
Saturday, February 12 at 2PM SL time
DJ Eifachfilm Vacirca

Dress up Bright and Dance among the Rooftop Forest of Soror Nishi!

Prizes for the Brightest, the Strangest and the Most Cosmic!”

So...get yourselves over there, that’s a bunch of good artists to see in one place.

Have a good weekend.



  1. It sounds awesome. Altough i dont feel "bright and cosmic" at the moment. I am in that "uninspired apathy" mood at the moment. But maybee I can get my boring self together and go there anyhoo?

    I agree. If you hit the wall, or feel a "block" you just have to relax and have patience. The muse will return. She always does =)

  2. Yes, you know it only temporary. Its your psyche's way of telling you to take a break. As son as you let the pressure off, things start to happen.

  3. i guess i am cosmic because i won the cosmic prize. or maybe it's just all the prims rotating around my head.

  4. Wizzy u are without doubt cosmic 24/7 =))

    Thanks for a great party! My spirit lifted =) *hugs*