Friday, 18 February 2011

Blue Tsuki

The UWA Virtlantis SIM presents Blue Tsuki's "Vessel"...

Now, I just love real "places" in VW's. For me, because of my own particular preferred art form, anywhere that feels unlike anywhere else, anything with a distinctive 'feel' is an achievement.

Blue's ancient circle with the flashing clouds has immediate magic connotations.

It takes no effort to imagine ancient rituals being acted out and it is probably a great place to dance and/or play music. He has tapped into an archetypal form and, as always happens, I believe, when you tap into an archetype you start to touch real places in the soul. Well done say I.

Jayjay has sent me the following link to the new RL book that the UWA are producing to celebrate their Centenary ...and SL is mentioned among the 100 gems from the past 100 years.

It is a testament to their insight that they, the UWA, have put so much time and energy into SL and the Arts. It shows a courageous and bold initiative to move along with technology and, more than this, to become a leader in a field they didn't set out to lead, namely the Arts.

I have no doubt that the recognition they deserve will continue to come to them from both virtual and "real' world sources, they have been positive and inspiring on an almost heroic level when others (e.g. the Lab) have done absolutely nothing to promote and foster artistic endeavour.

Hurrah for the University of Western Australia.!!... and Happy 100th Rezzday.



  1. Jayjay says..."A hardcopy RL book was released today (and a web version too) called '100 Treasures from UWA', which is a book put together to celebrate 100 years of UWA since establishment. Whats amazing is that the UWA SL presence has been selected among these treasures, and 11 of the 100 treasures are actually also located within the UWA presence. slurls to all the spots are included in the blog post on this"

  2. /me raises cup in a toast to UWA and JayJay: hear hear.

  3. thanks soror & wizzy :) its thrilling whenever tangible inroads are made in areas non traditionally open to virtual worlds