Thursday, 24 February 2011


"Originalia, Amase Levasseur's sim dedicated to art in SL, will have its grand opening on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 3 pm SLT. The debut exhibit, Reverie, features new installations by Em Larsson, Scottius Polke, RAG Randt and Eliza Wierwight."

Well, you know me, too nosy to wait so I popped along to check it out...

I met the stylish Amase briefly at Scottius' build, great that someone sponsors the arts in SL, especially as the Boys do so little...

Anyway....I started in the Gallery with Rag's humourous offerings, (I loved this one in particular), and then wandered out along the path...which, the further I went, seemed like the best way to see this show... refrain from the temptation of flight or tps...the path is great.

Em is showing a lot of work and it is enjoyable to come upon it in the misty woods, makes a nice change from galleries, and, is very fitting for her work I think.

....ahh the joy of hand made textures..... who could this be??

Well, the house nails the answer to that if you haven't grasped it before. Scottius, Master of Textures, has again created a world of wonder..... the house is quite "Mushroom" but different again...and it has inspired a whole story by

I had a long chat with Scottius before wandering further along the path .....

....and there I came upon Eliza's place, a build nicely different from the other three, being more architectural and structural.

I took a seat and relaxed. Nice to have a mix of artists showing on a sim without them being pressed into collab hell ( prejudice) particularly when they are using quite different aspects of the medium in self-styled environments. It all works very well together... book Sunday at 3 in your diaries... it'll be a good event.

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  1. I stopped in as well for a preview and had a great chat with Amase, Em and Scotti. The following morning I returned for visit and had just a brief conversation with Eliza. Looking forward to the opening.

  2. Just stopping by to thank you Soror for taking the time to support our collective works out at Originalia. This is the first Installation I've created and the ongoing feedback from people aware of it from blogs such as yours is heartening.

    Kindest regards


    ~waves to Mr Lane~