Saturday, 4 June 2011

New... Allure Magazine

Well, as some of you may have noticed, I've been a bit slack on the blogging front last week... and there's a reason. I've been doing some graphics ( layout and some photos) for the new InWorldz based magazine, called Allure.

I was called in quite late on the project and didn't manage to do everything I had hoped to (but will do for the next issues, I expect) but, as you will see, there are some interesting to enlarge.

I would imagine that the interview with Tranquility, Legion and Elenia, the InWorldz founders would be of interest to quite a few.... and the work of PrEYEmal had me pretty speechless.(unusual)...

You can read the whole mag below if you are so inclined....

...and if you missed it in the mag...well...

...if you would like to contribute, or advertise, you would be most welcome.



  1. One nit, if I may... That shade of purple against the grey (contents page) is deucedly hard to read, even full size.

    In terms of content, though: well done, all around. I like the square format, too; so many virtual magazines try so hard to look like real ones, that something as seemingly trivial as a different aspect ratio makes Allure stand out.

  2. Yes, you aren't wrong there, Lalo...:))

  3. strike a pose... avatar! ^_^
    Nice work soror.