Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fiddling While Extropia Burns.

Sometimes something gets said that really manages to say what you were feeling... poets and wordsmiths do, with words, what some of us try with shapes and colour. Botgirl has done that for me this week in her poem Extropia Burning..

"I've been looking for a new horizon
But all I see is Extropia burning
The dream of the Transhuman Grail has vanished
Merlin is a Meeroo
Camelot is Disneyland
I am adrift"

So well said.

Other news which you may also have read this week is that uploading mesh in SL will require you to get a Mesh Permit first after a short training course, and anyone who hasn't had their financial details registered with LL will not be allowed to upload any mesh....(Tateru's post)..... well, it is becoming more and more unlikely that mesh will effect most of us before 2012, possibly 2013...

...and when the world gets Disney I get out my Blender. No politics in Blender, just me and my imagination. the face of all this I just got on with making a new tree in Inworldz. ... and, to be honest, I don't really think mesh will effect what I do much. I may be wrong, it may be possible to seamlessly stitch together submeshes into a cohesive whole... but, it will be impossible to change the size, or mod it... so how useful will that be? How expensive will it be?... and the whole 'saving prims' argument is irrelevant in Inworldz anyway.

As Ener wrote so clearly in an earlier post, it's not what you got but how you use it.... and while I've been guilty recently of thinking I need truth a pencil and a piece of toilet paper is enough...or I could draw on the walls.

I did think of a good name for this tree, but then I forgot it...hopefully it'll come back to me. When it does I'll put it on sale... but probably only in InWorldz, it's a NPISL build.

Some great news this week as Intel steps up to the plate, it seems, and may be the ones to lead us into a new era of Virtual Worlds with their possible huge increase in avatar numbers....details here.... OS may be the future.... how many meeroo's per acre is that?

....and a bit of fun.... here ... Llama Font (working on the basis that if you can't beat the fluffy pesky infestations of VW's.....join 'em)..... or cook 'em... (Miso's cookbook)... to the lawn tennis at Queen's....



  1. I've been doing a bit of work recently related to RL organizational use of virtual worlds and have been having a hard time working up enthusiasm. It was only after going through the process of creating the Extropia Burning image and poem that I realized what my problem has been.

    It's not that the RL-related project isn't worthy. Quite the contrary. It might end up having some very positive impact. But for me, the idea of using virtual worlds to do a better job in education, business or entertainment isn't any more compelling than leveraging any technology in that way. The passion I have for virtual life is its unique potential to transform human consciousness.

    I still believe in that vision and plan to refocus my energy there. But for now, I think a short break is in order. :)

  2. I always find your posting interesting and this was no exception. I have to admit though that I faltered for a few seconds when I got to NPISL and then it hit me. Of course I should be well aware of that acronym since one of my reasons for moving to InWorldz was precisely that: Not Possible In Second Life.

  3. soror; I agree about Extropia Burning so much that i blogged it too. Right on the spot.

    Toilet paper and a pencil, im sure its enough for you talented girl =)

    Yes mesh has a lot of advantages but also disadvantages. And i LOVE prims!!! There for i am inWorldz. NPSL i love that expression <3<3<3

  4. :)) ... yes,the work that would be involved, if possible at all, in finding megaprims with exactly the right dimensions would be too laborious to even contemplate which would limit it to a 10 meter,,,some small garden trees are 10 meters, but this one would look stupid..... as a bonsai it wouldn't work either because I couldn't scale prims small enough... looks great here in Inworldz tho...huge and ancient.

  5. Botgirl: this is the same way I feel about the entire net. It comes down to thinking too small. I see the net as a new universe and VWs as worlds; for me, there's room enough for shops, schools and fire departments as well as interesting clubs, transcendental spaces and mind-challenging spaces.

    The problem I have is when the Forces of Order want to "pave Paradise and put up a parking lot" - squishing everything into the little Procrustean box and letting the depth and breadth of the wide universe be reduced to Disneyland.

    Happens in RL too :(

  6. i don't understand the logic that says that you can only be trusted with mesh if you have registered your financial information. enlighten me please.

  7. The idea is that if you steal stuff and import it to SL then they know who to go banning..... otherwise any alt account could flood the grid with dodgy mesh.