Sunday, 26 June 2011


International Miso Day was a great success, friends gathered just to have a dance, say Hi, give gifts and generally express a lot of warm feelings for a good friend.

It is, I am certain, the best thing to come out of the internet, the ability to meet people we would never have the opportunity of meeting otherwise. Having the ability to shapeshift leads us to disregard, for the most part, how someone appears and this makes us look beyond and through the biological avatar which is normally such a strong factor when we first meet people in RL.

The various mistakes LL manages to engender are simply another hurdle we willingly overcome to be together with like minded souls from all parts of the globe, and, if LL ceased operations we would use another platform to get together.

This is probably something which isn't really stressed enough to noobs....the gold of VWs is the people you meet.

It's a game where we all can be winners.



  1. awwee! You were all in on it! *hugs* I posted about my friends here: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

    BONUS: holy mackeral! Capcha is MISCO :O

  2. So true, soror; the heart of it all is the heart of us all. Sorry I missed that one.

  3. Miso -- Happy Miso Decade! And a grand hug, albeit late.

  4. All the object creation, all the art, everything is of no consequence with out people.
    This world as well as the world where I breath air would be a lonely place without people.