Sunday, 26 June 2011

New Show in SL

I was asked to participate in a sort of travelling gallery , the brainchild of Simba Schumann and Storm Blauvelt. The idea is to have a gallery that can be rezzed on different sims as the occasion demands.... in Simbas words...

"Arte Libera In Sogno (Arte Libera in a Dream) is the third part of Arte Libera, along with The Gipsy Gallery and Il Giardino. It is a completely new space which will host particularly vivid and colourful exhibits throughout the Metaverse materializing in different places on different occasions.

Our journey starts on Monday 27th of June at Imparafacile island with a great artist inviting us to her personal Midsummer Nights Dream.

Celtic harpist Llanior Illios will make the event even more special by taking us ‘far away’ with her beautiful harmonies.

A year ago in the same sim we organised a gipsy party, now Arte Libera is happy to cooperate once again with the Imparafacile group in celebrating summer in a vivid and colourful way.

Finally let me thank everyone who has supported me in this new idea through their creative contributions: my Arte Libera partner Storm Blauvelt of course, also soror and other two artists particularly close to Arte Libera, Noke Yuitza and ErnestHenry Shackleton."

Well, I have a soft spot for the Celtic Harp (I once had a brother-in-law who composed for the harp, but that's another story...) so I would recommend coming along to check it out on Monday if you have time...

The SLurl is... here or just IM me.

It might get full so come early, I'll be there.


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  1. I arrived late and hurried over. I wasn't certain that I'd selected the correct LM ... I arrived and as the site rezzed with colors and trees I knew I had arrived in the right spot ... Ms soror's delightful imagination. Congrats!