Monday, 2 May 2011

Marketplace and 1.23 ... and other bloggery

Transubstantiation at UWA is now finished.... this is Wizzy, JayJay and I hovering over the sim that housed the build. Wizard Gynoid is now going to have the next month for her Geometrical Thingies.... I'll keep you posted....

Avril Korman brought the news, here, that Marketplace is gonna have to change again. I really feel genuinely sorry for the retailers. This is becoming a regular feature of selling on Marketplace.

Seven months of problems...viz... The Boys say...

"Marketplace is currently experiencing delays in delivery and delays in order status updates on the Marketplace. Here are 2 situations you might see:

Orders on the Marketplace may still be in a “Queued”, “Undelivered” or “Being Delivered” state and no items have been delivered.
Orders on the Marketplace may still be in an “Undelivered” or “Being Delivered” state and items have been delivered.
In both cases, there is a delay: orders will continue to be delivered and Marketplace order status will be updated to reflect this, after a delay. We are actively working to fix this issue and will post an update when it has been resolved.

For those of you with customers who purchased multiple times, Linden Lab will refund the amount of your commission on refunded orders. The following requirements must be met for the commission refund to occur:
The customer has attempted to purchase the same item(s) in multiple orders after experiencing a delay in delivery and has asked for a refund on all but one of the orders.

As a merchant, the full order amount or purchase price of the item purchased more than once must be refunded.
Submit a ticket on the web as a “Marketplace/General Marketplace Issues” ticket. Please include the order number and item(s) that were ordered more than once, along with the copy of the entry from your L$ Transaction Log showing the refund or refunds.

We do apologize for these failures and are working actively to correct this and to prevent it from happening in the future.

Update post is here.
One other question that has come up concerns negative reviews received due to failed deliveries. Please flag the review using the link provided below the review comments, and these will be removed from your listing if the failure is due to a technical problem with the Marketplace."

Basically The Boys are going to change the way Inventory is handled.... not only to allow Direct Delivery (i.e. straight to your invent) but also because if you currently have more than 60k items in your Invent, you are lucky... seems like you won't see em all on any one login...but might get most of them some of the time...

So this new system will solve all the problems??? Well, what do you think?

I am, as I have said before, very against Marketplace and FaceBook for different reasons. They both, however, have similar effects in transferring activity from a 3D platform to a 2D platform, and this is my principle objection.

On a more detailed level... in it's attempt to make 5% (currently) on all sales through Marketplace Linden Lab has made it unnecessary for merchants to own shops and get people to come visit..... obviously if Search doesn't work, and tier is high, this is a financially viable solution for all concerned.....except....fewer shops means less land=tier and less activity inworld.

There is something slightly traitorous in backing 2D solutions because you can't solve Search and want the 5%.

Facebook is a little the same in that if you can't fix Chat, then promote a 2D solution...except obviously it's not a solution and there's no income involved...yet....( advertising will be the future idea, I guess).

The 1.23 SL Viewer has had another nail in it's coffin in the form of wobbly bits. Apparently 1.23 can't handle The Wobbles and so people show up wearing both Ruth hair and their own prim hair. This information courtesy of Tonya Souther here.... this from her blog...

"Dan Linden's comment on the LL JIRA describing the problem, VWR-25479, is telling:

Dan Linden added a comment - 27/Apr/11 12:49 PM
This is a known incompatibility with 3rd party viewers. We are not going to commit to fixing this."'s a known problem. Now, while the TPV's may try and fix it, LL is not going to..... and we have all had fair warning that 1.23 was gonna be phased the time to change to Phoenix or Imprudence just moved one step nearer.

Mesh maybe just round the corner anyway....and that'll need Viewer 2.X... so it may be time to stop my recalcitrance, or, better still spend more time in InWorldz...YAY!!!

Games and the sexes ...the subject of an interesting post by Aaron P, here... Are Games Sexist....?? Gamification is another one of those words I hate, it seems grammatically acceptable to make a verb out of any noun.

Hmm... thinks...future blog posts maybe called....the Bunnehfication of SL..... the Cockupification of Marketplace.... and the Errorification of the English Language....[no....don't worry, I do have some self respect].

In other news....Alizarin Goldflake has a new build in SL, and in Iwz too, I believe... ....A Requiem for Fukushima.

You can read more about it here.

"Rather than my usual party for a new build, I am trying something different: multiple studio hours throughout May, so drop in at your convenience to see the build, ask questions, or just say "hi."

Studio hour #1: Saturday 110430, 2 pm PDT
Studio hour #2: Saturday 110507,12:30 pm PDT
Studio hour #3: Sunday 110515,2 pm PDT
Studio hour #4: Friday 110507,12:30 pm PDT
Studio hour #5: Tuesday 110531,2 pm PDT"

It fits really well in her japanese garden ... here.

...and I have to admit to being somewhat lax in reporting from UWA competition this month... but all the details are

Have a good week...



  1. O.M.G. and the show goes on.
    re inventory: "...but might get most of them some of the time..."
    No, it's darned sure not funny... but I couldn't help but laugh a bit. That line reminded me of how I explain traffic control {or the lack there of} in India.
    ie: Some of the people stop at a few of the traffic signals part of the time.

    But we gots jiggly bits....
    And I get to play submarine as I cross from my main sim to a homestead.

  2. Linden Lab may well rue the entire Marketplace investment. After all, didn't they want to build a world?

    If enough merchants switch to Marketplace-only vending and stop paying tier, I don't think that will be made up by the 5% commission. Better to charge it in world too and lower tiers. Some of us like to see a 3D item in 3D before we purchase.

  3. The problem I had with Marketplace was they made it impossible to offer my freebies to SLKids and others without paying for that. Then after painfully switching all my items to the new format, the format was changed again.

    So I pulled out of Marketplace, thereby depriving LL and myself income, because the system, which worked so wonderfully when it was run by SLExchange, has been borked beyond useability for me.

    That's no one's fault but LLs.