Thursday, 19 May 2011

on Service and Servers....

Now, I had sort of planned not to write about LL anymore, for a couple of reasons....

The first reason is that Miso has put The Situation under her microscope and summarised it so well that really I need only to point to her post every time the Boys shoot themselves in the foot... I could even develop a short hand to signify a cock-up covered by Miso's post.... "Reply Part III"?...whatever...

The second reason is the rise in the number of fangirls who want to give me a hard time every time I criticise LL, I know they are all in denial, so I'll just wait til Sunday when they are all sitting on the Right Knee of God..... Peace on Earth.

...but I could hardly deny a friend a hearing. ... and JayJay is not normally so annoyed. Now, no one could accuse JayJay of being a serial complainer like me, but he has been trying to get LL to make it possible for Voice to cross his sim boundaries. He has been in contact with them about this problem for more than 3 weeks now. ...(just a side note here,.... LL has Voice crossing sim boundaries on their sims it seems...)

So...after being given the run-around for three weeks it now transpires that it just isn't possible .... now I understand that this is because some servers are in Dallas, some in DC, San Fran...and (spookie) Phoenix. [thx to @ChuckBaggett for the research] Now...for the signal/data to travel from DC to San Fran does not take zero time. This was a point that was made when we first heard of this plan back in 200X, and it lies behind the reason why LL will never fix sim crossings..... (or chat? in spite of renewed rumours)

But.. what has annoyed JayJay, and rightly so I think, is that he, as customer, was never informed of this when he bought the sims....and it is a basic flaw lurking in his University's Campus arrangement....

Miso's take on this that the servers are like 1Gb laptops (slight paraphrase) is a very good analogy. I had to upgrade. Everyone has to upgrade. The Savoy Hotel (I learned last night ) closed for 3 years to upgrade (cost £200million)... but LL won't upgrade, just get you to wear fewer clothes...and become short-sighted (64m)...Duh!!!

Anyway.... as JayJay couldn't blog it himself (his blog is taken up with Machinima stuff), I am happy to air his problem online .....and hope he will correct any mistakes I've made in comments.

...and mentioning Machinima... I must clarify that just because I am annoyed with the concept ..or the decisions ... of the LEA does not mean I hate everyone who has put in their hard work into trying to make a silk purse from a pig's bottom.... it's not personal... you aren't Mr/s Linden..... jeez ...XXX

...and just because I am boycotting SL8B as well as LEA doesn't mean I hate all Lindens either. I just don't like being told I can't use megas (for a start.. there are other reasons).... Don't get all personal, I can take it as well as dish it... relax. Without self reflection through criticism we'd all be as dumb as... Hmmm... [insert dumb persons name]....

In other news... well... Tateru has word from one of the Boys, Oz Linden, about the Most Hated Viewer In History... here. "If TPV's don't keep up, things will break".... that is his view... mine is : if you don't fix that bloody mess you call a viewer everyone's gonna migrate to IWz..... the idea that things break magically is a sort of schizoid view of life.... things get broken by people, or animals possibly..... but let's assume the Boys don't have a room full of an infinite number of Boy monkeys typing the 800,000 lines of code in the search for perfection.... (oh, and chat).... Who broke it, Oz?? You did.

So, otherwise, the weather is fine, and I'm off to drink a white wine spritzer and make a tree.



  1. awwee! *hugs da Gardener* soror, don't stop writing! I have said, many of the ideas and sentiments in my Reply posts have come from the community; certainly many from you and the other great blog writers in SL. I'm flattered you'd single out my posts, but in truth I only put the thoughts down which came as a result of reading posts like yours.

    We've already agreed that critique is not "negativitism" and we have a right to write what we feel; certainly as much as Porky does. I can hardly accept that your pointed criticisms are "all about personal" when they deal so well with real problems inworld.

    I loved Oz's pronouncement; it made me feel like I was in Chicago in the 20s: "That's a nice looking TPV there; be a shame if something were to happen to it..." rofl.

    You just keep writing so I know what's going on! 'N if any bishes wanna go up in yo face about it, you just hop on the burner and give da Piskie In Da 'Wood a jangle and I will sharpen my elfshot and we will takes dem out wif maximum prejudice like Seal Team S... um i mean *looks nervously at MouseCorp* like gangbusters :D

  2. Heh Heh... Where was it I read once that if enough monkees are provided with and infinite number of typewriters (am I the only one that remembers the clattering of L.C.Smiths?)and an infinite amount of time, that Tolstoy would be out of business? (Yeah, I know, the boys dead!, but you get the idea)

    @Miso... a comment from your coterie =^..^= .
    Gonna break my viewer is ya Oz? Don't threaten me with exchanging my $5800USD a year teir with $900!

  3. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!