Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Wizard

Wizzy has probably the best show of geometrical art that you are ever likely to see in VWs on show from today at the UWA sim devoted to art.......here...at VIRTLANTIS.

Now, a full interview is also online at the UWAinSL blog... ... and Juanita has posted about the show here..... the official opening is set for Saturday at 12.

Wizzy has attracted a lot of interest in several worlds as she has a way of turning maths into a thing of beauty, or, in this case several things....... It's really worth going to see for the shear perfection of geometry.

These things could never be made in RL... the one Thingy is 7200 prims...and it took an enormous amount of determination to rezz the bloody thing... (insider gossip...Wizzy was v frustrated...:))...

Anyway, if you wait til the opening or pop along beforehand, you won't be disappointed.



  1. Yes Wizzy can be very firm can't she?

    Ask me sometime {when she's not around, =^..^=}, about her the "Burn 2" that she was setting up at my place when scripts were inadvertantly left running and yours truely returned that build w/o asking her. Not sure shes totally forgiven me yet!

  2. hehe. . it was totally my fault, i left it burning at about 1000 meters in the sky. one shouldn't walk away without dousing one's own campfire.

  3. I bet she dreams in numbers. Her tensegrities make me feel tense. I visited the behemoth the other night and flew right into the middle of the thing. It's solid, but there's sufficient space among its members to move, if a bit bumpily. A weird sensation of both vastness and claustrophobia. Tres cool. :)

  4. I am always impressed by Wizzy's maths-brain. My own can hold its own when we Philosophize with you (soror), So-Krates and the best of them, but when it comes to maths, Wizzy can show me the beauty of numbers in a way that doesn't make me tremble and run for Mommy or a nice soothing comic book, which is easier for me to understand :(