Friday, 20 May 2011

Rapture, Crapture Capture.

Get A Kit,    Make A Plan, Be Prepared.

Wizzy pointed me at this first... and it must be the best business plan ever devised in the history of the world, period.

Which world is the virtual one?



  1. OK, as usual...I have a question.Or two.
    Why is California left out of the list of states served by these............people?
    We're too bright? (The Benevolent Monarchy is based here...wait that might not be great criteria)
    We're too dumb? (The Benevolent Monarchy is based here... wait, I used that one already)

    Some of what I see is a reason I love to tune into Jerry Springer occaisionaly... afterwards I always feel so much better.
    As loose in my loafers as I sometimes am stuff like this, or Jerry, makes me understand...I'm OK.
    Really, I'm OK.

  2. "Rapture"...My apologies to my monotheistic friends.
    We Buddhists call all that enlightenment =^..^=

    *gasp* *cough*

    seriously though, millenial doomsday prophecies increase at times of traumatic change or the need to change; psychic canaries in a cold coalmine...