Sunday, 8 May 2011

Euro Phlox Test Party

Well, it was quite a change at a party to be asked to increase my ARC, something I have no problem with at all.

The European guys and gals , feeling left out of the Phlox testing because of time zone considerations actually got to try out this new Script Engine in InWorldz.

So, forty people, wearing everything they could, dancing, collected at the 2nd Birthday Sim on InWorldz to see what Phlox could take....and then 3 horses rode by too...

These are the hard facts. I have a Quad Core Mac Desktop, (2.66 Ghz) so it's not an average laptop, but it has just the basic graphics card (Nvidia GT120, 512Mb) and is mid/upper end, but even so, there is no way, maxed out on Ultra, that I could have still been moving in SL....

I was impressed.

I guess, for most of us, that the times we are most likely to stress out the server is at a party. If we can party, all's well. Interestingly enough Chat didn't suffer either and... it was well tested.

All in all we were all pleasantly surprised and very thankful/impressed by Tranquility's efforts.

Thanks again InWorldz crew... when Physx arrives... wow... what a grid!!



  1. Yes im so impressed!! High arc on all avies and no chatlag what so ever!! =O This is indeed promising =)

  2. With Phlox my fps stayed a steady 40 with the world and it's oyster joining in the party.

    In SL that party would have grey gooed at 15-20 and would have crashed and died miserably upteen times.

  3. You were there?! Why didn't I see you? O.o

  4. Soon enough, no one will refer to these grids as second-rate alternatives to SL.

    Glad it went so well. Keep raising that bar, InWorldz!

  5. Darn it...missed it. Was up all nite and just so spacy!
    {Btw,,, thanks again for fixing that texture for me dear!}