Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mid week bloggery

Yes, I know I have made a sort of promise to myself to stop taking the Michael out of the Boys, but I was slightly amused at the following suggestion which arrived in my Inbox today from the strange Sandbox publication from the Boys....

I was very glad that they have taken onboard all the suggestions that Phaylen and Toxic and Chantal had to offer in their recent (not so recent) podcast about how machinima is a vastly underused tool for positive SL PR.... Indeed the first actual action taken by the infamous LEA was to open a month of machinima ... then the sim crashed...(details here).

Oh well, it won't crash all month.

....anyway....under "hot tips" for places to see original Number One... Treet TV

That's a really good recommendation.... for InWorldz, anyway, as the latest interview with Lady Sakai and Jim Tarber is a great bit of coverage on What It Is Like To Move To InWorldz.... so great bit of PR for InWorldz by LL...

The Interview is so good I can recommend it and the transcript on Jim's blog is well worth reading, I think.....especially if you are thinking about moving (as two friends have said they are today).. Paisley blogged it too...

....and UWA have launched another competition, this time a Photographic one, both in RL and SL, and featuring the Campus. There are, as usual, good cash prizes to be won....get all the This is again down to Jayjay promoting SL to his boss and getting SL included.

No prizes of any kind from the Boys, of course..only the following amusing advice. This... Did You Know?.... from the SandBox (how did I manage before they started sending out this??)


In other VW news, Open Sim has just released 0.7.1 according to Ener. ....who is a great source of OS news... with an interesting security feature (OS, not Ener).. permitting grid owners to disallow taking objects off the grid while still allowing Hyperporting (or whatever the tping between grids is called). So the security of the Hypergrid increases...expect a blog from Maria soon (guess only).

...and to all my Mac owning readers... what about the new iMac and VWs... well Trilo Bytes has blogged a few answers... here.

So ... that'll keep you 'busy' at work... have a good week...



  1. haha... well this time I didnt personally launch it or anything. its been an RL only photo thingy to select photos to use for a calendar issued yearly, and when they ran it again, we made a request if SL pics could be submitted :)

  2. though we are offering L$25K to any photographer whose photos are in fact shortlisted for the calendar