Thursday, 12 May 2011

Nordan Art

Better late than never, they say (mind you They say a lot of stuff, often crap).... I have wanted to post a little something about this show since it opened on the 7th May. Well, you couldn't have got in to see it anyway, it was too busy...

Firstly there's Shellina Winkler... she has an installation outside which resembles a chess board after a major earthquake. It's put together with the usual class and style you would expect from Shellina, a lady who knows about composition as well as torturing prims...

Inside the gallery are a few intimate photos by Paolo Tauber and on the floor above, work by Simotron Aquila. I particularly liked Insomnia2.

In the New Extension by Igor ..
[sorry Igor, nothing personal, but I have to rant again about stairs in SL... why oh why oh why .... we can fly....why do people keep on making stairs... great building...but I hate stairs, both in principle and in particular.... No fault attributed to Igor, here, he was probably expected to put stairs in....] the great new extension by Igor...*smiles sweetly* ... is the most impressive work of Claudia222 Jewell (see above).

Claudia is extremely skilled in her use of Blender and a skilled texture artist too. Her work is organic, (as in .. like organs), humorous, dark and quite Sci -Fi. I haven't seen anything this good since Kaltusaran left fact, if I had found flora like this when I first came to SL, I might never have bothered making a tree at all...

I love this dark and brooding side of vegetation, and, because I seem to be unable to conjure up that part of my psyche, it is great for me to see someone else doing it.

Well, as you may have guessed ...I have to recommend a visit to Nordan ..... (I would always recommend a visit to Nordan... a well run gallery indeed)... it's on til the end of the month approx. The next one opening on the 9th July.

It's a Must See .... here.


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  1. i visited Nordan tonight. Great place and amazing art work. I can see what you mean about the stairs though. hard to manouver around.