Saturday, 30 April 2011

Four Years of Soror Nishi

It was four years ago, while showing some of my oil paintings in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, that I got to hear about Second Life and how I could try and sell my paintings online. I soon found out that, better than that I could actually create some of my attempts at portraying archetypal Jungian images, in 3D.

..and so began a long process of learning...

This first image, by the talented photographer Lem Skall shows the build I did for Orange, French Telecom..

...and his image of a sea stack I made on my own beach in Lifstaen...

...and the floating shop I built there where my trees and plants were for sale.

Mab gave me the first chance to do a whole sim of my work.. at Magoo

..filmed by the talented ColeMarie Soleil

At IBM I had an exhibition, called Tree of Trees....and made this slide show...

Then, earlier this year I made my first real machinima of the work that I had done in InWorldz...

I have been helping out with content on a proper film, Vlogger, but that will not be edited before June ... and it's NDA stuff, so I'll have to wait to tell about that...

My machinima of Transubstantiation is still awaiting some music, so, until then, for those who haven't seen it (it closes tonight, Saturday)...

..a few images...

...and now, courtesy of Jeri Rahja, Twisted Isle is my current work in progress over on InWorldz...

...this is the first glimpse...

You'll be seeing a lot more of this build when it gets somewhat nearer completion.

The future, well, I could do with better software, Final Cut X Pro comes out in June at a much more reasonable price.... and zBrush, well, I would need a little windfall for that. If the current worlds we create in don't provide a better resolution in the coming years, I may seriously consider Eve Online, even if I'm not BattleStar Hero material .... we need better graphics for the next step ... maybe .... old fashioned paper and paint work for me too.

I'm not gonna wax lyrical about Content Creation, the hours and energy I have put into 3D worlds more than eloquently expresses my love for the medium ...

...and the help, support and love my friends have provided goes without saying.



  1. ***Congrats to four years*** You are so talented! Im proud to know you and I hope you stay here and NOT end up in Eve online building battle ships or whatever they do in that world LOL =)) Hugss! <3

  2. Congratulations!

    That's two of my finest friends turning four this weekend (brinda Allen's the other one), and I'm six months away... does that make us official Oldbies?

    Looking toward the future: I'm admiring the photo of Twisted Isle and asking myself, "Mountain? Arcology? Both?" Even while still sheathed in plywood, it's amazing - can't wait to see it up close and in 3D :)

  3. Congrats Soror and thanks so much for allowing us to share in your imagination! You are amazing - hugs

  4. 4 years past and many more to come....

  5. Thanks's only possible because of friends...

    ...and I won't be going to Eve...except to visit..maybe.

  6. Congrats Miss Soror, let's keep this magic adventure alive!!! <3 Huggs!

  7. Sis, whenever I second-guess why I stay in SL, I think of your friendship. Ok, those wild addictive creations, too... but it is you who are special, even more so than your scapes and plants. Your virtual presence is more real, more grounded, more grand than many in-the-flesh folks I know... bright as a rising sun with its gift of stained glass ")

    Hugs and Happiness!

  8. Congratulations for truly brilliant work!!!

  9. Good news....
    And sad news....
    First the "sad"....
    We didn't connect until nearly a year ago :-{
    The good news....
    We did connect!!!! :-}

    Thanks to our friend Lalo I was introduced to you and your art.
    Monday will be my fourth and the magic continues.

    {@Lalo... I think we are officialy now *midbies*}
    and darned proud of it!

  10. i met soro as a noop last week and she whas so sweet to me!

    kiss Soro!


  11. Congratulations sweetheart. I'm so very happy you sat on me at Flashmans, how else could we have met? Of course, Firehorse still maintains it was no accident - slurp.

    Nur Kitty

  12. @ Nur, well...the unconscious is a weird force...:))

  13. @ Betty, yep, it's kinda fun being a noob in different grids... was a pleasure to help.

    @ Isabella, thank you..:))

    @ Brinda, yes, we are midbies... and I'm very glad to have met you too.

  14. @ Maeve, yes, there is something special about the way minds interact without the baggage of physical appearance. I am very pleased to count you amongst my best friends.

    Your clarity is a wondrous thing... big virtual hugs.

  15. @ Sellina, the adventure has only just started with these few primitive tools and I am excited about what all these great creative minds will synthesize over the coming years.

  16. You remind me why the heck I stick around this crazy fake world. Your work and that of so many talented artists make it seem real, turning the laptop into a multi-dimensional portal.

    That was always what I had envisioned when I entered SL.

    Here's to four more years!

  17. It's the people with skills like yours that make second life what it is. Thank you.

  18. Soror, with your boundless creativity and support, you help make virtual worlds matter. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  19. I think everyone is going to be more then Surprised and very delighted at what will become of Twisted Isle - Everyone - Please - Twisted Isles along with all the other Islands in the Art Colony are open to the public - stop by any time and enjoy the builds - watching them evolve and snapping photos of the builds is an unique experience - so please enjoy - Jeri Rahja