Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday Feeling....

... is not that my body is a temple, more like an eroded's been a hard week.

Blogger made a big cock-up, and admitted to it which actually impressed me quite a bit... so you may have had trouble reading my previous post. I know Miso's piece "Miso and the Wolf" went AWOL for a while.... other news... made a new tree for UWA and, of course, anyone else that wants one.... not quite got round to putting it for sale yet.

It's called The Old White Pelican Tree....why?? don't ask, it's complicated. other news I am helping Allure Magazine with some graphics and photos, hopefully.... it's a new InWorldz magazine and there's a lot to sort out for the first edition... other news I am actually also going to put in a personal appearance in the film I've been providing content for ..... hope to see some first rushes in June.

There's been a few comments and posts on mesh recently... the rumour going round is that we will have mesh by the end of the month. This is incorrect. We will get an announcement by the end of the month.... and there's various stuff been leaking out, like there's still 400 bugs to fix and that the new mesh will break all old OS meshes.......and etc etc..

Mesh....well, the jury is out. It may eventually be the best thing since Display Names and Voice Morphing.... one thing is pretty sure, however, and that is that SL Viewer 1.23 will not be updated, so...time to try a new one.

....and ... continuing on a techy note started with a recent post of mine, here's another invention to look forward too... the future of broadband ... maybe..... here.

Finally... I love a bit of pure hypocrisy, don't you. This one is a gem. After the recent attempts by the USA government to stop Wikileaks, US government to spend $30 million fighting internet censorship.

You couldn't make it up.



  1. cool tree, that pelican thing.

  2. Thx... cool Geominvite...thx.

  3. Yes, Pelican Tree is fabulous! Now in addition to James Cameron being "influenced" by you, you better watch out for Tim Burton!

    Despite my post being recovered, all the nice comments weren't :( Like you, I must applaud Blogger though; they explained the problem (even admitting it was their own fault!) and continued timely updates and further apologies; something LL really would benefit from studying, as my little miff about the comments is well-surpassed by my admiration for Blogger's forthrightness and their followthrough.

  4. Heh Heh, OK I won't ask the why about the tree name. Very cool though =^..^=

    Here's a rather off topic question I will as on several blogs I follow....
    (You know who you are)

    /me jumps up & down... Am I a part of the despicable "coterie"?

    [And being less erudite than many, I actually looked the word up :-) ]

  5. @ Brinda ... you are probably part of the coterie, (a group of people who actually think for themselves instead of believing every piece of dodgy PR that the Boys send our way) otherwise known as FOC. FOC (Foetid Outer Core) as opposed to the FIC (Foetid Inner Core), the latter being a paranoid delusion from the McCarthyite Mind.

  6. aaaand the tree can be seen.... here: