Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tech stuff...

Now, not being a real through and through geek I seldom get into posting stuff I don't understand, but I make exceptions.

The thing that has got me flexing my geek muscles is a recent post on the Tri-Gate Transistor courtesy of Ars Technica, (the post not the transistor). The transistor has been developed by Intel and promises a New Age in computer speed and power consumption...

"Intel claims that the 22nm tri-gate transistors switch between 18 and 37 percent faster than the 32nm planar ones (depending on the voltage level). Or, looked at from the voltage side, the new design can reduce active power by up to 50 percent."

...and....for non geeks like me, I have to compliment Jon Stokes for making a very difficult subject available to all.

The full article is here.

The reason for my interest is my ongoing Wish List where I have started to yearn for more... just more.

Now, I'm not so daft as to think I can have a better resolution before the average computer has grown a few more muscles, i know that we are, some of us, still struggling along with the 'normal' laptops and machines that are on the market at the moment. However, the day will come when we will smile when we think about 2011 machines with that same smile that grows when we think of our first (1980's?) computer.

16kb, was the first Commodore I think, or was it 64........ mine is 639.78 Gb...

/me smiles....

There's a list of dates... computer history....here. (1981...IBM joins the computer race by announcing the IBM Personal Computer on August 12, 1981, which runs the new MS-DOS operating system and has a starting price of $1,565.)


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