Saturday, 19 February 2011

some stuff....

This is an interesting piece which Wizzy alerted me to a couple of days ago...on the subject of IPR...

And Prokofy Tweetlinked this piece which I loved and thought you might too if you haven't seen it....

Cole has done a great video for NWN which you can see here, its of Claudia222 Jewell's place, Parallel Worlds.....

As a last (maybe) piece of stuff about Rod and how to rescue SL, Hypergrid Business has a piece by Maria directed at Rod.

I visited Avination today....and wasn't very impressed... my problem....

I have never seen such an empty library on any grid I've visited so far..... and I was annoyed that the skin and shape I was in was no mod. Now, I have my own textures which I could upload, and even SpotOn3D have said they will make their Ruth stuff mod after my last rant... but, basically it means you are stuck with the crappy looks you arrived in until you buy might not want to stay, so why invest??

Don't even know if uploads are free or mentors around, just some free floating wigs.... all speaking german...

If you look crap you certainly won't stay long.... other grids I've been to, I have de-Ruthed in less than 20 mins... looks like a nightmare, or an expense, or both.

.....general feeling....Fail..



  1. Thanks for the heads up, or down haha :)

  2. You're lucky. Nishi was a choice for a last name. Gynoid wasn't in the list as a choice.

  3. that was my impression too soror, I wont be going back - but at least i have an account sitting on my name now:(

  4. @qpop... ah, good, I wondered if I was being hasty

  5. I salute you, intrepid grid explorer!