Monday, 4 January 2010

A New World Record

Wizard Gynoid has rezzed the highest prim in Second Life.

Today we started our ascent....the find out how high we could get and to record this historical exploration for those who will, no doubt, take inspiration from these bold adventures.

This is Wizzy rezzing the worlds highest prim....

...and me watching.... high were we...??

... wizzy's final prim was rezzed at..... 1,000,042 meters above sea level.

By this time our eyeballs were rattling around jn our helmets and we had the most terrible shakes (which started at 200,000 meters... but... unphased, we had time to dance a little salsa and take some snaps before we descended.

We made sure we came down in stages, not wishing the decompression to blow us apart into atoms....and started to feel less jumpy at 500,089 meters.....

Once again Wizard has proved herself an intrepid explorer, and I was grateful to be asked along for this press coverage..

I would advise against a beauty show up there, as you don't really look your best at that height.



  1. thanks for coming along. i'm still trying to thaw out my frozen extremities.

  2. oh! and Kids! don't try this at home!

  3. hehehhe, yes, i have some more photos I will post tomorrow.

  4. hmm... those kids! they always find ways to get high...

  5. Just a small technicality ... since the water level on this sim is set at 20 meters, technically we were 1,000,022 meters above sea level.

  6. Hippyjim Starbrook9 January 2010 at 12:36

    Nice stuff - I've gotten a few hundred km up myself...but never that far. How did you rez anything at that height?

  7. Just a small step for an avatar, but a great leap for avatar-kind!

  8. How high can an avi fly? Is there a ceiling?

  9. @hippyjim Starbrook... well, you will have to ask Wizzy, I think she just rezzed an existing orim.

    @ Paisley Beebe ... a couple of days ago Wizzy went to 2,000,000 meters,...!! so I am not sure, she said her head was on backwards.... hehehhe....