Tuesday, 12 January 2010

999,999,995,904 meters (+25)

Well, fully equipped with the necessary safety gear, Wizard Gynoid today made a third attempt on her world record.

[3:05] Wizard Gynoid: how many 0s in trillion
[3:05] soror Nishi: 9?
[3:06] soror Nishi: yes
[3:06] soror Nishi: 9
[3:06] Wizard Gynoid: no that's a billion
[3:06] Wizard Gynoid: 12
[3:06] soror Nishi: o
[3:06] soror Nishi: ok
[3:06] Wizard Gynoid: hehe
[3:07] soror Nishi is not as good at maths as her Sis

She decimated, centimated and millimated her previous best of 2 billion meters and tped up to nearly a Trillion meters.

Although she sent a tp and I was more than happy to follow, the tp system couldn't quite handle the billion kilometer distance, which is not anything I will be posting a ticket about, after all, that isn't something one does very often.

Now, her Emerald radar shows me as being 999,999,995,904 meters away, and, I am actually at 25 meters already....so the combined height is in fact 999,999,995,929 meters.

On returning to the surface Wizzy experienced a temporary loss of vision, but examination of her eyeballs revealed no permanent damage.
She assumed, unwillingly, a horizontal pose for some minutes. It looked very much like she was kissing the ground, a bit like a pope, which she isn't.

Unwitting bystander Xeon Quartz was also a witness to this historic event and was somewhat bemused by it all. ([3:23] Wizard Gynoid: remember xeon. fame is fleeting. [3:23] Wizard Gynoid: don't let it go to your head.)

[3:19] Wizard Gynoid: how do i look
[3:20] Xeon Quartz: a bit scary ..
[3:20] Wizard Gynoid looks around
[3:20] soror Nishi: nope you look fine
[3:20] Wizard Gynoid: scary? is my head on?
[3:20] soror Nishi checks Wizzy's pulse
[3:20] Xeon Quartz: not sure
[3:20] Wizard Gynoid: i lost my head at 2 billion meters.
[3:20] Wizard Gynoid: remember sor.
[3:21] soror Nishi: yes
[3:21] soror Nishi: you said
[3:21] soror Nishi: well...you may have grown a bit again, of course
[3:21] Wizard Gynoid: i tend to lose my head when i'm under pressure.

Convinced that she had grown through a stretching process, we checked her height ....however, she was still only 7 foot 2 inches, so the effect must have been a psychological stress-induced delusion. We have yet to see if permanent psychological damage has been done.

As this little record has been well read by the Boys, I would like to suggest to the Lab that a memorial be erected on this ground for future generations to visit. Historic events should be marked ... they constitute our culture.

Wizzy will no doubt be publishing all photos on her Flickr site.... here..

A great adventure, and one to be commemorated.



  1. yeah! i couldn't resist and did it, too! i was even able to IM from there, but could see myself anymore, everything was flickering, and i was not falling when i stopped flying: weightless!

  2. wow, maybe you were in orbit...:)))