Monday, 11 January 2010

2,147,483,648 meters high

Wizard Gynoid hit her head on the ceiling in her latest exploration of outer space, this after our combined attempt (well, I was just a hanger-on) as pictured above (photo courtesy of Wizzy) in a post that attracted much interest.

Setting off from Deep Hole, White Lebed's sim, (White Lebed: "you need to go into a deep hole to find the new heights.".....very Jungian statement, that).... she ascended to the max height possible (2,147,483,640 m) which White said was 2 power 31, a max for binary search with C and C+...... ..none of which I understand...but hey....that's fine by me.

Wizzy said "I was hoping the ceiling would come out in a wardrobe in M Linden's office in San Francisco."... now that's a plot for a machinima if ever I heard one.... and intimated that she may start Virtual Geographic, a group dedicated to exploration....
This is Wizzy's second major expedition, her first being archeological in nature when she visited the first part of the grid to have existed, at Da Boom..... photo here.
"I'm sitting on what is called The Great Zero. Da Boom was the very first SL sim (and hence its number is zero). This parcel is at the coordinates of 0,0 on the first sim, hence it is the very first parcel of SL - The Great Zero parcel is only 4 meters by 4 meters and only holds 3 prims. Unfortunately, the autoreturn is set to 5 minutes."

This little blog has gone from strength to strength this last year, the most popular posts being my ones on "The Psychology of Virtual Existence", and, I will be continuing with more of the same as it seems there is an interest in a Jungian take on life as we know it. This is a pioneering that is, I believe, of major importance. There is no other possibility to examine your psyche from "outside" in the way we can through VWs.

In other major news.....Facebook, what a bunch of Mass genocide continues with avatars being systematically eradicated from their "real" world. Someone commented that "the integrated personality" was the future stating that the idea that you could operate under a pseudonym was a thing of the past. Well, great... because Zuckerberg believes that privacy is a thing of the past, that means we should all bow down to his world-view..... I don't think so, sonny.....

Join Transworlders, or Koinup....sod him.

...and.....had a great dance at UWA after the Decomber round of their ongoing art was a great event, again...congratulations to all concerned... see their blog for details..... here. Igor Ballyhoo being the overall winner.

My show at Pirats recieved much acclaim...thanks.... and two blog links....... Juanita and Lanes List with more than 150 people visiting on the opening day.

My next piece is gonna be at Erato at the weekend, Sunday, at Sabrinaa's "Steaming Hot" show....will blog details nearer the date.

I missed the Big Wedding of Misprint and Selavy but wish them well on their upcoming divorce, scheduled for 10.10.10.. I hear it was the social event of the month.... and 9 days is quite a long marriage now-a-days. Hope they are both on the pill, no more inventory babies, please, it's sooo sick.

More Jung soon...



  1. The Deep Hole sim is not mine - it belongs to Burning Life and happens to host the Afterburn Art program which I curate. We didn't plan to find the highest flying attitude in SL specifically on that sim, but isn't it funny how the name plays? ;) As Franklin Roosevelt would say "nothing happens by accident"

  2. usual my research leaves much to be desired...but... never mind......yes, great name for a sim to use for an altitude test.