Saturday, 23 January 2010

About this blog... a small news item.

It’s a very important thing to know your limits, well, actually to know my limits and limitations and to live, as far as possible, within those boundaries.

Time is always a constraining factor and so, this blurb is really just a sort of justification and explanation for the most recent news ....which is that I have given up writing for Koinup.

I have been very aware, dear reader, that I have not been making the most of this blog, and have a good dozen or so unwritten posts which I should have or could have written to entertain, inform or, at least, amuse you, with.

As this “boring little melodrama” (so-called by Rezzable’s boss) approaches it’s 20,000th hit, which means 30,000 page turns, I am suddenly amazed and pleased that so many of you get something out of following my strange meandering mind as it wanders from scene to scene in this compelling VW adventure we are currently experiencing. Assuming, of course, that it is not one weirdo reading my blog 30,000 times.

Of the recent posts I have blogged, Wizzy, self-proclaimed media tart, attracted 600 hits, including a large portion of the Lab Boys, and in second place, with 300 hits was the post on pseudonimity (NWN then blogged a similar post with a survey which showed that 65% of it’s readers favoured some degree of pseudonimity).

As there is a continued interest in the psychology of virtual existence I will be following this theme up in the near future, and, as I hate almost all fashion blogs I will try and throw in a few ideas on alternatives to the norm. Trees, crappy posts and general ramblings will features as don’t worry, I’m not about to go strangely intelligent but hope my rabbity mush of a brain will continue in it’s usual mode.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know my only interest in sport is tennis and a small typist-outage may be experienced next week, the second week of Melbourne, then it should be plain sailing til May (French Open) and, shortly folllowed by Wimbledon which has me glued to the goggle-box like a moronic lounge-lizard.
so.... onward and upward....

luv ya all


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